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Building Sustainable Lives

People in Lakewood care about the environment, and our community has embraced sustainable solutions in the past. There’s work we can do now at the city-level to foster biodiversity, conserve water, reduce pollution, and protect our environment.

If elected to city council, I’ll advocate to:

  • Expand green spaces and parks
  • Improve access to transportation, extend sidewalks and add bike lanes
  • Explore incorporating clean energy into city properties and assets
  • Build out more recycling and compost services

Affordable Housing

The rising costs of housing is on everyone’s mind. We must continue to explore tools like rent forgiveness, eviction moratoriums, and cash bailouts to keep people in their homes. Builders must also incorporate more affordable units into developments and create more choices that residents can actually afford. 

As a renter, I realized that there aren’t enough resources to help folks to grow roots in Lakewood. As your city councilor, I will bring renters’ perspectives and voices into city conversations.

Accessibility & Inclusion

I built my career advocating for an environmental movement that represents and protects everyone. Listening to community members, I’ve learned that information, like how to give input, can be difficult or impossible to find for many Lakewood residents.

Ensuring information is shared in a variety of ways, organizing meetings at different locations and times, and holding conversations in more languages can bring more people into city conversations. I am committed to listening to and learning from my neighbors, and to talk to anyone with a desire to get involved.

Community Support

Lakewood can follow the lead of programs that prioritize community service and social supports over punishment.

If elected to Lakewood City Council, I will explore expanding programs that can dispatch mental health professionals and those trained in local support systems to connect people in crisis with resources. We already have tools at our disposal, like two homeless navigators and a diversion pilot program, to explore, but Lakewood should invest more in supportive solutions.

Revitalizing Businesses & Art

We live in a vibrant area with a lot of potential for improvement on our major corridors. We can start by completing ongoing projects, like the drainage upgrades on W. Colfax.

As a local leader, I want to take advantage of the funds coming from The American Rescue Plan and other federal COVID-19 recovery funds to support small businesses, local entrepreneurs, and public art projects so that we can build back better together.

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