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Affordable. Sustainable. Inclusive.

Building Sustainable Lives

As traffic and air quality get worse across the Front Range, Lakewood can lead Colorado’s efforts to protect our environment.

Preserving the outdoors improves our health and helps the planet. Every person in Lakewood deserves access to public transportation, recycling services, and natural spaces. Apartments, condos, and traditional homes should all be close to safe green spaces and parks.

Growing Businesses & the Arts

We live in a vibrant area, with deep, local roots.

With thoughtful investments and planning, we can build a community of diverse entrepreneurs and creatives. I support the revitalization of the West Colfax Corridor, Alameda, and busy corridors.

Representation & Transparency

Despite a rich history of Latino residents and businesses, we’re not represented across local institutions—including the city council.

I offer a necessary perspective as a Latina community activist. I hope to make information about city processes more available to people across Lakewood, no matter where they live or which language they speak.

Access to Support

Those experiencing a mental health crisis or addiction deserve to be treated with dignity when they seek services from the city.

I hope to explore methods of aid and enforcement that better ensure Lakewood residents can get the resources they need.

Smart Growth

We can grow while keeping Lakewood an affordable place to live with access to local services.

I will use my experience in land-use and transportation policy to ensure that we grow sustainably.

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