Meet Sophia

I’m Sophia Mayott-Guerrero, and I want to be your city councilor.

Growing up in the San Luis Valley, I learned how a community can work together to tackle unexpected obstacles. Those lessons stayed with me when I moved to Jefferson County to work as an organizer. Since then, I’ve learned a lot about Lakewood, sustainability, and the power of community. I’d be honored to fight for the residents of Ward 2 as your city councilor.

Ward 2’s diversity is our greatest strength. This is a major reason why I chose Lakewood as my forever home. Every person’s unique experiences and stories can help us build a more inclusive community. I will actively listen to and work with the people of Ward 2 to create a Lakewood that represents and supports all of us. I promise to work tirelessly, not only for my block, but for all of Lakewood to be as equitable, vibrant, and wonderful as it can be.

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