What To Do This Weekend In Minneapolis

What To Do This Weekend In Minneapolis

What To Do This Weekend In Minneapolis – Minneapolis was our only stop in Minnesota on our Midwest road trip (don’t worry, I’ll be back in Minnesota to see more of the sights!), and we made it big! We were there for a day and saw most of the city so I don’t think you need more than a few days in the city itself. If you’re planning a trip there, here are 11 things you can do in one day in Minneapolis!

So one thing to keep in mind is that we didn’t know that most museums and tourist attractions are only open Thursday through Sunday, when most people visit Minneapolis on the weekend. -week. And of course we were there on Tuesday! So we didn’t go to any museums and we ran out of things to do in the main part of town, so we went a bit off the beaten path (on the advice of a friend who living there). At the end of the post I have recommendations for museums and other places if you like visiting museums.

What To Do This Weekend In Minneapolis

If you can visit Minneapolis closer to the weekend, I would recommend it so you can take advantage of everything there is to see. But as you can see, even if you go in the middle of the week, there are still great things you can do in one day!

Things To Do In One Day In Minneapolis

Did you know that the Mississippi River runs through Minneapolis? And Minnehaha Falls flows into the river! It’s a beautiful waterfall in a park right next to the road, so you don’t have to walk miles to see it. For being a major attraction in Minneapolis, there weren’t many people in the park when we went, so it didn’t seem like a crowded place to visit. Even if you only have one day in Minneapolis, be sure to visit Minnehaha Falls.

Mall of America is the largest mall in the United States with over 500 stores, 50 restaurants and an indoor theme park! I will admit that I don’t really like malls and stores, so I didn’t really like Mall of America. It looked like a big mall and there was nothing special about it.

I’ve also lived near the King of Prussia mall (third largest in the US) for years and haven’t been there, so maybe malls aren’t my thing . But if you love to shop, you might enjoy Mall of America more than I do!

There are so many great independent coffee shops in Minneapolis to choose from! We went to Dogwood Coffee Co. and the coffee was excellent. The cafe had cute and colorful decor and looked like a great place to meet or work. They also have several different locations around town so you have a few options to choose from.

Top 9 Things To Do In Downtown Minneapolis

There are great parks along the Mississippi River in Minneapolis and you can walk along the river to the Stone Arch Bridge. The leaves were beautiful at this time of year and you get a great view of the city centre!

The Minneapolis Sculpture Park is free to visit and a beautiful place to walk around! And you will get a wonderful view of the Basilica of St. Maria. Two of the most famous sculptures in the park are Hahn/hani (blue rooster) Spoonbridge and Kirsuber (cherries on a spoon), shown below. They are adding new images to the park so you can see some of the newest additions!

George Floyd Square is an intersection of 38th St. E and Chicago St. S, where George Floyd was murdered in 2020 and a monument was built in his memory. It was established as a living monument that unites the community and is a very moving place to visit.

What To Do This Weekend In Minneapolis

Nicollet Island is an island on the Mississippi River with a beautiful view! There are beautiful Victorian houses, beautiful trees (especially in autumn) and historic railway bridges. There is a walking trail that goes around the island to enjoy the view and there weren’t many people around so it was a nice quiet place to explore in the heart of Minneapolis.

Top 10 Best Events This Weekend In Minneapolis, Mn

Minneapolis and St. Paul is called the Twin Cities because they are big cities right next to each other, making it easy to visit both! In St. Paul’s places to see, but since we had the day, we went around town to see some of the best sights. If you visit in autumn like us, you must check out the beautiful trees along the river!

Excelsior is a small town outside of Minneapolis on one of Minnesota’s many lakes. If you want to visit some places outside of the big cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Excelsior is worth a visit! It is a beautiful town with many beautiful shops and houses. And you can relax by the water and enjoy the view.

Minneapolis also has several lakes and Lake of the Isles is a great place to watch the sunset! We had a picnic in the park as the sun went down and it was a popular place to hang out. This was the busiest place we visited all day in Minneapolis and I can see why! Visiting the lakes and watching the sunset is probably my best recommendation if you only have one day in Minneapolis.

As I said at the beginning, we didn’t visit any museums because so many were closed! I was especially saddened that the Swedish Institute of America closed while we were there. So plan your trip better than we did. Lonely Planet has a great list of museums to visit in the area, make sure you check what days and times they are open before you go.

How To Spend 3 Days In Minneapolis

Even if you go during the week when many museums are closed, there is still a lot to do in Minneapolis in one day! And I will definitely plan my next trip there a little better 🙂

Pellentesque rutrum maximus leo vitae blandit. They seem to be characterized by dapibus. Pellentesque cursus semper purus, heavy tortor. Ut ac urna magna. Planning a 3 day weekend trip to Minneapolis? From outdoor activities to iconic Paisley Park, here’s a list of things to do in Minneapolis!

Minneapolis has been high on my family’s list of places to visit for years. My mother has long been a Prince fan and I grew up not only listening to his music in our house, but hearing stories about his whimsical home called Paisley Park in Minnesota. I remember watching Purple Rain for the first time and wondering what it would be like to see Lake Minnetonka with my own eyes – and even swim in it. When one of our favorite new artists announced he would be playing a concert at Paisley Park, we checked out flights just for fun. We finally decided to go – and I’m so glad we did! Here are some tips for planning your own trip to Minneapolis:

What To Do This Weekend In Minneapolis

Where you stay in Minneapolis should depend on your overall travel plan. Minneapolis is a medium-sized city with many facets to explore. If you want to be centrally located, stay at W Minneapolis – The Foshay is a must! It is within walking distance of several restaurants and attractions. An exciting perk is access to the Forshay Museum Observation Deck, which has an amazing 360 view of Minneapolis. If you’re a fan of Prince trying to follow in his footsteps, the W is a great place because that’s where he used to hang out! They say he loved the Living Room Bar and was often found in “his” corner exploring the place.

Best Things To Do In Minneapolis

If the Mall of America is at the top of your list, you can’t do better than the AC Hotel Bloomington Mall of America. Located across the street! Amenities include a fitness center, free Wi-Fi, a 55-inch Smart TV, and a full-service bar serving delicious cocktails and tapas. Even if the Mall of America isn’t a priority for your vacation, it’s still a great hotel because of its proximity to the Minneapolis Airport and access to outdoor activities. One third of Bloomington is dedicated to natural areas!

Foodies will definitely feel right at home in Minneapolis! There is delicious food for every budget and a wide variety of foods to choose from. Every time I travel, I make it a priority to support black-owned businesses, and Soul Bowl at Graze Provisions + Libations did not disappoint. I was intrigued by the idea of ​​building your own bowl, but with soul food. If you find yourself overwhelmed by the options, go to the Southern Hospitality Bowl and thank me later. Other black bars worth checking out include Cardamom at the Walker Art Center, Dripping Root Juice Bar and B.A.D. Wingz, also located in Graz.

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