Things To Do In Amsterdam For Couples

Things To Do In Amsterdam For Couples

Things To Do In Amsterdam For Couples – And there are other ways to travel by bike, passing through the red district and walking in the canals.

After showing the most interesting part of Barcelona, ​​​​​​and 31 interesting things to do in London, let’s look at Amsterdam. “

Things To Do In Amsterdam For Couples

So, join us! Check out all the fun things we found for Amsterdam – including Darth Vader!

Fun Things To Do In Amsterdam For Couples (updated In 2023)

At the end of this guide, we cover our recommended places to stay in hotels, Airbnbs, and hostels. Here is a complete guide to where to stay in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is a city of nature! Go on a scavenger hunt on the Spuistraat street in the neighborhood. I’m not just talking about graffiti.

Check out the bike accessories, mini library, and more. Just stay alert.

This tour is about subcultures, hidden life in Amsterdam like prostitution and drugs, street art and much more.

Things To Do As A Couple In Amsterdam

There are many different types of cruises. Just check Get Your Guide for a unique tour in Amsterdam.

You will have hot pizza, unlimited drinks (wine, beer and soft drinks), audio guides and even free WiFi. In fact, this is a great option to enjoy a night out. I mean, how often do you get the chance to dance on a boat on the “gracht” in Amsterdam?!

You and your friends will solve the puzzle, find the answer and finally the key to escape from the building. It is a perfect activity for closed and out of the box days.

Things To Do In Amsterdam For Couples

The famous escape rooms in Amsterdam are closed in Amsterdam, Sherlocked and AfterMath. You can also find escape rooms on GetYourGuide.

The Best Things To Do In Amsterdam, From Boutique Shopping To Herring Sampling

I have to admit, I love Mini Golf. It’s easy, fun and cheap. And luckily everyone can play.

It costs only €8 and takes 45 minutes. Perfect for what to do in Amsterdam when it’s raining, for example.

You may be in awe of the highest levels in Europe; over the edge. You will be tied to a swing on the edge of about 100 meters high. Watch the video below.

On top of that, you have the best view of Amsterdam in general. Since the city is flat, which means there aren’t many tall buildings, you can find many attractions.

Top Things To Do In Amsterdam And Must See Attractions

Here, you enjoy a 360 ° sky; regardless of whether you jump at the jump or not, it’s important.

Price: Prices start from 18.50 € in tickets. Tickets with Get Guide are €19.50 and include 2 drinks.

Well… many people ask and yes, it’s a cliché thing to do, but here we go. We found this list of all the cafes in Amsterdam.

Things To Do In Amsterdam For Couples

These tours are for anyone over the age of 18, including pensioners. It’s very interesting because this is part of the culture!

Amsterdam 3 Day Itinerary

It’s no secret Amsterdam has an incredible nightlife. There are countless clubs and bars to go wild.

If you want to really explore the nightlife, we have found ways to enjoy the best clubs in the city and save money!

You can participate in various shopping centers and even a tour of the red light district – we will come to this later.

At the Rijksmuseum, you can admire more than 400 works by great artists such as Jan Steen, Frans Hals, Vermeer and of course Rembrandt.

Fun Things To Do In Amsterdam With Kids 2023

Admire one of the most famous paintings of the Dutch Golden Age: the vigil of the night and admire not only by its size (The 363 cm x 437 cm = 11.91 ft x 14.34 ft).

You can take a tour of the Red Light District right here. The tour starts at €15/$16 and takes two hours.

We joined the Ecomama tour and had a great time. The tour guide has interesting stories to share and takes you into a secret world.

Things To Do In Amsterdam For Couples

Of course, this trip is not for prostitutes and junkies. This tour gives you a deeper understanding and makes you understand this time in Amsterdam.

Day In Amsterdam As A Couple

Who doesn’t love vanity? Tanja, a local guide gives you an introduction to 18 free things to do in Amsterdam.

Enjoy more than 200 pictures, 500 illustrations and 750 characters from the Dutch master. Discover the similarities between Van Gogh and Munch in a new special exhibition.

You need an entry ticket to enter. With this Icebar ticket, you receive 3 free drinks (1 wine, 2 beers for 19.50 €)

Important: There is no need to bring your warm jacket. The ICE bar offers both. Just bring a positive attitude!

Unmissable Things To Do In Amsterdam

There is a 3 hour bike tour on the windmill, near the canal. It also includes cheese flavor. YUMMY and perfect for a sunny day. It helps to be fit, even if you don’t run for long.

Explore the Dutch countryside and depart from Amsterdam on a half-day tour with a free tour included. See the famous winds of the Zaanse Shans, explore the fishing villages of Volendam and Marken and stop at a Dutch cheese farm.

We took this photo in Rotterdam, NOT Amsterdam. The weather north of Amsterdam is good, but we didn’t get a good picture there 🙁

Things To Do In Amsterdam For Couples

It would not be reasonable for us to list here now every game, since there are more than 300 every year, so check the website for the tour.

Incredible Things To Do In Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Order a drink, take a seat and mingle with the locals. Do not forget the sun cream in the summer!

Come and discover what’s behind the doors of the original Heineken® beer and learn everything there is to know about the world’s favorite beer.

Dance with Lady Gaga, touch Justin Bieber, take a photo with Robbie Williams and make George Clooney fall in love!

See your favorite stars cast in wax at Madame Tussauds Amsterdam and enjoy images from screen, TV, politics, music and more.

Best Things To Do After Dinner In Amsterdam

It is located halfway between the Atlantic sea and the coast, near Keukenhof. We love it here, and you will too!

It is a small part of Amsterdam. It gives you an idea of ​​the real Netherlands. Because, trust us when we say: Amsterdam is not the typical Netherlands.

Good to know: go to a place of knowledge and ask where the wise are, they can tell you exactly where they are.

Things To Do In Amsterdam For Couples

It really is the best way to get around, we recommend you to take a bike! Ask Ecomama or Cocomama for bike rental, they have their own bikes.

Best Things To Do In Amsterdam, Netherlands

One for everyday life, and one for going out at night. If it’s enough…well, that’s what we’re being told!

Amsterdam is great for cycling, although you have to be careful. There are many ways to bike! It is also a perfect city for cycling tours.

It is easy to get around with many holidays and lots of interesting information about Anne Frank, 1000 years of history, the red zone and the situation today.

Personally, we get bored with tour guides. That’s why we share with you our best kept secrets of different parts of the world.

Top Romantic Things To Do In Amsterdam

What is a peep show? It is a display of sexual activity seen through the viewing window. The slot closes when the payment period is over.

Don’t feel obligated to join just because you’re here. But we heard a lot of good things about Casa Rosso and its accommodation.

Well, well… this might sound bad (again), but it’s really good and you can learn a lot… well, we made it look good, right?!

Things To Do In Amsterdam For Couples

The nature guide in Amsterdam is unique and interesting for anyone looking for a different kind of experience.

Things To Do In Amsterdam In Your Twenties

The Sky Lounge is Amsterdam’s answer to bars in Bangkok and other cities around the world.

Well, you made it all the way to Amsterdam in the Netherlands. I’m sure you want to see the world famous Dutch tulips. Is it good?

It’s time to get out of the city for a short day trip and escape to the Keukenhof Gardens. About 1 hour from Amsterdam.

This is one of the best day trips from Amsterdam for families and couples. As a solo traveler, I don’t recommend it if you like tulips.

Absolutely Free Things To Do In Amsterdam

Keukenhof is known as one of the largest water gardens in the world. He is absolutely beautiful. Watch the video below.

You can take a regular bus from the center of Amsterdam to Keukenhof Gardens. It also gives you a hop-on-hop-off ticket to see the beautiful flowers and flower shows at your own pace.

Note: Especially in summer, the lines can be long! Skip the Line tickets are here and great deals!

Things To Do In Amsterdam For Couples

How to get there: You can take an organized tour or public transport. The public bus takes 30 minutes, but is cheap.

To Do In The Dam: Amsterdam Travel Guide

We witness the canals of Amsterdam that illuminate the city created by the best painters of the Netherlands and other countries.

The Amsterdam Light Festival is an annual tradition that you can enjoy from December to early January. The city center lights up with many new and high-quality light installations by (national) artists from 17:00 to 23:00.

Besides seeing the amazing lights, you can also participate in the vote for the best light show that will be given at the end of the festival.

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