Places To Stay In County Cork Ireland

Places To Stay In County Cork Ireland

Places To Stay In County Cork Ireland – Welcome to County Cork! The largest county in all of Ireland and where the first potatoes were planted in Ireland! A paradise for any pub or castle lover, this town has impressed many travelers who have stopped on their way to other parts of Ireland, as well as those who have made it their top destination.

It’s hard not to fall in love with the Irish charm and beautiful gardens and medieval architecture. Cork won my heart a long time ago and I’m sure it will the same for you!

Places To Stay In County Cork Ireland

Enough small talk, let’s get started! You’re probably wondering where to stay in Cork, Ireland right now, don’t worry, I’ve scoured hundreds of lists of the best places to stay in Cork to find the absolute top for every price range and I’ve recommended the top rated hotels that I will choose only for myself!

Days In County Cork, Ireland — Make A Date Of It

But as I always say, better safe than sorry. This means you need to book these hotels in Cork in advance, they really are the best and super fast! So buckle up and start looking, because I’ve put together a list that will blow your mind!

Contents When you’re busy 1. Cork city center – the best place to live in Cork for the first time2. Victoria Quarter – where to stay in Cork on a budget3. University College Area – where you can live for nature4. Blarney – the best place for local atmosphere 5. Tivoli Estate – where to stay in Cork for families Cork FAQs

If you want to book now, here is a list of the best hotels to stay in Cork, all in the heart of the city

Here is a map to help you visualize all the areas to live in Cork that I will talk about in this article:

Best Hotels In Cork. Hotel Deals From £95/night

The place where the old meets the new! Cork city center is an interesting place to live, not only because all the main tourist attractions and all the bars and restaurants are within a minute’s walk of each other, but mainly because you are ‘almost on the island’! Because the beautiful area is surrounded by the River Lee and is accessible via one of 27 bridges!

If you are living in Cork for the first time, the lively city center is ideal for you. Although there are many modern buildings and shops here, you will still experience the charming Irish atmosphere! If you’re looking for more Irish fun and want to explore all the amazing castles, check out this post on the best hotels and areas to stay in Killarney, Ireland!

The best way to enjoy Cork city center is by walking, so you can discover all the great restaurants where you can eat traditional Irish food, and let’s not forget the pubs! In addition, you will be surprised by the city’s fantastic architecture, so keep an eye out for all the historic fountains and stone monuments, they tell you a lot about the city’s past!

Places To Stay In County Cork Ireland

Cork city center is also known as a shopping district as it is full of boutique shops and department stores, but the highlight is the Cork English Market, an 18th century covered food market!

The Most Beautiful Towns In Ireland’s Wild West Cork

If you ever visit Cork, the Queen stopped at this market so you know how cool and memorable this place is. It’s so unique and I’m sure the foodie in you will love it!

Enjoy the royal treatment at this luxury hotel in the heart of Cork! Relax in the beautiful spa with indoor pool and enjoy all the fantastic prepared Irish food from the restaurant. Some of the rooms even have balconies with some of the best views of Cork at night, making it the perfect place to stay in Cork!

A modern hotel in a great location with restaurant, bar and room service on site

Enjoy your stay in Cork in this budget double room in the city center with free WiFi

Sanctuary Lodge, Cork

This waterfront penthouse is one of the best places to stay because it has incredible views, spacious rooms and a terrace.

Facing the River Lee north of the city centre, this historic and charming area of ​​Cork is famous for its historic Victorian buildings, from which the neighborhood is named, and a range of stylish independent shops!

But one thing that attracts tons of backpackers and travelers is the budget hotels and hostels in Cork, one of the best places to stay. Be sure to book the rest of the seats in advance, their price alone will make everyone rush to the computer to book the best offers! Plus, Victoria Quarter is so close to Kent Station!

Places To Stay In County Cork Ireland

Walking through the beautiful streets of Victorian houses and friendly specialty shops will make you feel like you are living in a small village in the 18th century, where everyone knew everyone and helped each other!

Luxury Country House Accommodation & Boutique Wedding Venue In Ireland

So you will be aware of your stay in Cork, all the restaurants and pubs are on the lively MacCurtain Street. This trendy neighborhood is all about keeping the Irish heritage alive, so be sure to enjoy its nightlife as this is when the live music shows and theaters start and they get fun!

For our readers who love historic sites, don’t worry, the Victoria Quarter and its surroundings are home to the famous St. Patrick’s Church and of course other great monuments!

Enjoy a luxurious vacation in Cork, Ireland at this elegant hotel surrounded by beautiful gardens! At night you can admire the incredible view of the city or go down to the home theater and watch a movie! With a swimming pool and wellness center, it will be hard to leave this hotel and step into the real world!

A great hostel for those looking to experience Cork on a budget, with self-catering facilities and a terrace.

Cork In Three Days: Ireland’s Rebel City Itinerary

Enjoy relaxing in Cork in front of the fireplace in this historic home with balcony and bath

Just a 20 minute walk south-west of Cork city centre, this area, although full of students, is perfect if you want to enjoy some peace and quiet in nature, it’s unusually quiet!

This is also the best area to stay in the city if you want to try food and traditional food during your vacation in Cork, Ireland. The dining scene is very popular and all the restaurants have good reviews. If you have a taste, if you decide that Irish food is your thing, I recommend exploring the lively capital. Check out this post for places to stay in Dublin with the best areas and hotels and more delicious cuisine!

Places To Stay In County Cork Ireland

University College Cork was founded in 1845 and its campus is located on the banks of the River Lee. Everyone is invited to walk on the beautiful green lawns and admire the unique architecture of the historic buildings. It can be a good place to cover, eat and just relax here all day and enjoy the atmosphere! (Weather permitting, of course! – Ireland can be moody sometimes!)

The 10 Best Hotels In County Cork, Ireland 2024 (from $90)

There is also tranquil Cork Lough where you can walk the path down to the lake and enjoy a moment of complete silence with only the birds chirping in the background. When you’re done with your “me time” you can head to all the friendly pubs that might be full of students mingling all night long!

Forget your troubles and drink some Irish beer and listen to the fiddle! Here’s to the holidays!

Located on the banks of the River Lee in Cork, this luxury hotel’s incredible views and unique design will be the cherry on top of your holiday in Ireland. Guests can enjoy river views from modern rooms or balconies and Cork’s central area is only five minutes away.

Enjoy views over the River Lee at one of the best hotels in Cork, with an indoor fireplace and family room.

Clayton Hotel Cork City, Cork

A lovely spacious apartment for your stay in Cork with kitchen, TV, free wifi and a great location

Located 8km north-west of Cork city centre, this area is famous for Blarney Castle, a building from the 15th Gift of Gab” (providing an opportunity to speak easily and confidently). So if we are the future Lawyers among us or just people who like to have their way with words, you know where to turn for your next vacation!

Anyone who wants to experience a local Irish atmosphere with a small village outside the castle is here

Places To Stay In County Cork Ireland

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