How To Dress In Hawaii In December

How To Dress In Hawaii In December

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Struggling to decide what to wear in Hawaii? With its tropical climate and laid-back culture, Hawaii has a style all its own, and it’s important to pack accordingly to keep you comfortable (and stylish!) on vacation. In this post, I’ll share some tips and tricks on what to wear in Hawaii, whether you’re heading to the beach or exploring the island’s natural beauty. Combine this guide with my ultimate Hawaii women’s must-have list and my guide to affordable resort wear and you’ll be ready for your trip in no time!

How To Dress In Hawaii In December

First, we’ll go over some helpful tips you should know when putting together your Hawaii vacation wardrobe and cute Hawaiian clothes.

Andrea & Zach’s December Hawaii Wedding

With these fashion tips in mind, here are some cute Hawaiian vacation outfit ideas that I’ve put together based on what you plan to do while on vacation.

Most travelers must fly at least five hours to get to Hawaii. Therefore, it is important to decide what to wear on the plane to Hawaii!

When flying to Hawaii, your clothes should be comfortable and match the rest of the things you pack. In other words, if you use it on the plane, you can use it again while traveling!

I recommend wearing a t-shirt or tank top, leggings (they are currently the most popular) and a long light cardigan under the boots. You’ll use it all up again on your trip, and you’ll be warm and cozy on the plane to Hawaii.

The Ultimate Hawaii Packing List: Everything You Need To Have The Most Incredible Adventure In Paradise

If you need more ideas, I wrote a whole post about what to wear and how to look stylish on a long flight.

One of the most common questions I get asked about what to wear in Hawaii is what to wear to a Luau in Hawaii.

For a luau in Hawaii, you can dress up! A luau dress doesn’t have to be a formal evening dress, but going to a luau or fancy dinner in Hawaii is your best chance to wear one of the Hawaiian prom dresses you bought and style it for the evening.

How To Dress In Hawaii In December

Here’s the most important thing to remember when dressing for a luau: Most luaus in Hawaii are held on the sand at the beach.

Suggestions For What To Wear In Hawaii On Vacation

Make sure you wear comfortable shoes on the sand. I recommend flat sandals, but if you need height, try wedges or espadrilles. Whatever you do, leave your high heels at home!

If you are going to a wedding in Hawaii and wondering what to wear, I have some ideas for you!

The first step in deciding what to wear to a wedding in Hawaii is to check the wedding invitation or website to see if there is a dress code.

At most Hawaiian weddings, the attire is upscale, casual, and beachy. So, if there is no dress code, you can safely choose something between casual and evening. In other words, an elegant cocktail dress is not necessary.

What To Wear To A Luau?

For a Hawaiian wedding guest dress, pair a long maxi dress with metallic flat or wedge sandals, simple jewelry, and a straw clutch. Let me break it down:

Hawaii’s heat and humidity make it easy to sweat on even the shortest hike. So, if you’re planning to go to Hawaii, the best clothes to wear are quick-drying fabrics.

It can also rain frequently in parts of Hawaii, so it’s a good idea to bring a lightweight raincoat. Here’s a great option that comes in tons of different colors and has its own packaging!

How To Dress In Hawaii In December

Most travelers to Hawaii do not need to bring hiking shoes. Whenever you plan to go on short day hikes, you can wear shoes. If you plan to walk more than 4-5 miles, you should bring hiking shoes and wool socks.

Best Shoes For Hawaii: These Are The Ones To Pack

If you plan to spend some time sightseeing while in Hawaii, you may be wondering what to wear!

Remember that it can be hot and humid and there will be plenty of sun. Therefore, the best clothes for sightseeing in Hawaii are light, breathable fabrics.

Natural fibers such as cotton and linen are good choices for warm weather because they are lightweight and allow the skin to breathe. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes or sandals, as you will likely be doing a lot of walking in Hawaii.

I like to wear a combination of shorts and tank tops with sunglasses that can be worn both day and night. Try to pick up a collection of daytime outfits that can be combined with the same pair of shoes.

Outfits To Wear In Hawaii This Season

Below are some examples of Hawaiian vacation outfits that are perfect for exploring Hawaii.

Think about what you plan to do while you are near the water. Do you enjoy water sports such as snorkeling or diving? Playing in the pool with children? If so, bring a swimsuit that will stay on you while you’re active!

Don’t forget a shower cap! In Hawaii, I tend to use a swim cap more than anything else in my suitcase.

How To Dress In Hawaii In December

You can wear a sarong to, from, and around the pool or beach, or throw it on straight from the pool to lunch or dinner.

Hawaiian Outfits & Attire To Look Like A Local In 2024

It is not uncommon to see people wearing pool or beach attire in casual dining in Hawaii, especially poolside or beach restaurants.

Finally, be sure to bring more than one swimsuit! I guarantee you’ll want to get back in the water before the last clothes you wore dry. There is nothing worse than wearing a wet bathing suit.

Here are some Hawaiian beach and pool outfit ideas, and you can shop my top picks below!

There are five essential accessories you’ll need to complete your Hawaii vacation outfit: a clutch, clutch or purse, sunglasses, a hat, and jewelry.

What To Pack For A Week In Hawaii: A Complete Female Packing List

When flying to Hawaii, bring a neutral or straw bag as a personal item. Once you get there, it can be your beach.

Pro tip: I love designer or investment bags as much as the next gallery. But when you choose to carry on Hawaii, your bag will come into contact with sand and water at some point. So it might not be the right bag.

In addition to a large bag, it’s a good idea to bring a small bag that you can carry with you for overnight stays in Hawaii or when you don’t want to lug around a large bag.

How To Dress In Hawaii In December

Look for a neutral or metallic bag that will match whatever outfit you’re bringing to Hawaii.

Complete Hawaii Packing List: 15 Must Haves

Instead of packing your most expensive colors, create an affordable designer look (here are my current favorites). You won’t be disappointed if they get lost or left behind!

One of the most important factors when dressing for Hawaii is sun protection. I like to bring a big hat (like this one) to the beach and pool, and a baseball cap for hiking or sightseeing.

, right?) It’s easy to lose or misplace jewelry while on vacation, especially if you’re planning to do water sports and outdoor activities.

To complete your Hawaii vacation outfits, I recommend bringing a statement necklace that goes with everything, two pairs of earrings (one small and one for evening) and a simple bracelet.

What To Pack For Maui (2024): 36 Essential Items You’ll Need

I love the warm look of gold metallic jewelry on a beach vacation, but metal is of course your personal preference.

The climate of Hawaii is tropical, that is, it is usually warm and humid throughout the year. However, the weather can vary slightly depending on the season and the island.

Spring (March, April, May): Hawaii’s spring weather is usually warm and dry with temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

How To Dress In Hawaii In December

Summer (June, July, August): Summer is the hottest time of year in Hawaii, with temperatures ranging from 70 to 80 degrees. In the summer months, the climate is usually more humid.

President Elect President Elect Barack Obama Embraces His Oldest Daughter Malia (c) As Sasha Looks On Before They Enter The Honolulu Zoo December 30, 2008 In Honolulu, Hawaii. Obama And His Family Arrived In

Fall (September, October, November): Fall weather in Hawaii is similar to spring, with warm, dry conditions and temperatures in the 70s to 80s Fahrenheit.

Winter (December, January, February): Winter is the coldest time of year in Hawaii, with temperatures ranging from 60 to 70 degrees. During the winter months, the climate is usually dry.

If you’re traveling to Hawaii in the winter, you’ll want to bring a light sweater or jacket for chilly nights by the water.

Each of the Hawaiian Islands has its own atmosphere…and its own microclimate! The specific Hawaii you visit will influence your choice of Hawaiian clothing (here’s how to decide which island in Hawaii is best to visit!).

Honolulu Hawaii December 2022 Moana’s Hawaiian Clothing Store Hilton Hawaiian

Maui has amazing resorts and fine dining, so if you’re trying to decide

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