Cheap Things To Do In Pigeon Forge

Cheap Things To Do In Pigeon Forge

Cheap Things To Do In Pigeon Forge – One of my favorite places in East Tennessee, the mountains are breathtaking. Life is slow and everyone is friendly. That being said, it was very difficult to choose the top 30 things to do in Pigeon Forge TN. I’m having fun out there and I don’t feel like I won anything! This is also part of our “Fun Things to Do on Vacation in America in Every State” page!

So before we get to the list below, I want to mention the Smoky Mountains aspect. This is a reduced admission ticket. You pay one price and choose 3 or 5 attractions and want to visit 30 different options!

Cheap Things To Do In Pigeon Forge

Attractions around Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge include museums, dinner shows, tours and more. It is mentioned below whether the destination is part of the Travel package or not. Depending on the attraction you choose, you can save between $20 and $60 per person!

Pigeon Forge, Tn

I want to share the answer to the most common questions people have when visiting the Pigeon Forge, Tennessee area.

They are two different cities, but they are almost connected. Pigeon Forge is located north of Gatlinburg and is known for its miles of attractions, all along the highway.

You will then leave Pigeon Forge and pass through a beautiful mountainous area next to a creek. You’ll pass the Gatlinburg Visitor Center and exit the Gatlinburg Beltway (enter here if you’re heading to a national park or want a great view of downtown Gatlinburg). Then you start going to Gatlinburg.

You have come to a fork in the road. Go left into the Arts District and right into downtown and the National Park.

Free Things To Do In Pigeon Forge

Driving the aforementioned mountain ranges from Pigeon Forge to Gatlinburg never took more than 10 minutes.

Now on some holidays the traffic is a little slow when you get to Gatlinburg because of all the traffic lights, but even then there is a lot to see and the views are amazing, we are never stuck in traffic.

As mentioned above, these are actually 2 different categories. So if you’re looking for something to do in Gatlinburg, I recommend these two posts.

Cheap Things To Do In Pigeon Forge

While many of the attractions listed below cost money, there are over 23 free attractions in the Pigeon Forge TN area.

The 10 Best Cheap Things To Do In Pigeon Forge (updated 2024)

The national park is free, walking on the island and participating in the water show is also a fun activity. In good weather it’s nice to sit on one of the chairs, watch the show and listen to the live music that’s there most of the time, and of course people watch.

If you’re on a Christmas trip and admire the decorations, Halloween and Christmas are good. Take it in the fall when the leaves are changing.

A lot! Pigeon Forge and even Gatlinburg are famous for their Christmas parties. They all go out with lights and parties.

Please note that the main road from the Smoky Mountains from Gatlinburg to Cherokee NC through the National Park is closed during snow. Visitor centers are open and likely Cades Cove as well.

The Top 15 Things To Do In Pigeon Forge

A lot! During high season (Memorial Day to Labor Day) most theme parks are open late, sometimes even until midnight. The island is open from midnight to 1:00 am

Most dinner shows have night shows. Alpine Coasters also offers illuminated night rides.

If you go there during the holiday season, like Christmas, this is the best time to see all the lights!

Cheap Things To Do In Pigeon Forge

There’s more! Attend dinner shows and comedy shows, go to Dollywood, go on a wine trail or a moonlight trail.

Free Things To Do In Pigeon Forge Tn

There’s always Dollywood Waterpark, with the added bonus of seeing you in a bathing suit! Bye!

Okay, questions aside, let’s get to the fun stuff, because I know why you’re here!

Titanic Museum – (Including the Smoky Mountains Observation Deck) This is one of my favorite places in the area. Of course I am very interested in the Titanic and I love to see the ship’s artifacts, pictures and hear the stories.

Best of all, my kids wanted to come back here after visiting the Gatlinburg Aquarium, so I think I’ll get over my curiosity!

Dinner Shows In Pigeon Forge You Need To See On Your Next Vacation

Forbidden Caves – Outside of Pigeon Forge, there are mystical caves that pass under the Smoke. There is also a white pond inside the caves which is simply beautiful!

Alcatraz East Criminal Museum – This is definitely another museum in the top 5! There’s a lot of history here, not just Alcatraz. About Bonnie and Clyde, Al Capone, Wyatt Earp and others.

There were also interesting shows that the kids enjoyed. Also, they hunt hunting and I don’t like it because it keeps them busy.

Cheap Things To Do In Pigeon Forge

Bush’s Baked Bean Tour – Outside of Pigeon Forge, there is another Bush’s Baked Bean Visitor Center and Museum. Take a tour and learn about the company’s history.

Best Attractions In Gatlinburg And Pigeon Forge

Pigeon Forge Island – Many people come here and spend the day there. It is located behind the Alcatraz Museum, so you can also visit the museum. Parking is free on their premises and they have a free tram to take you back to the action.

The Margaritaville resort is connected to the island, so there is a place to stay and eat. Paula Deen has a restaurant here, there are many shops and even a Moonshine tasting.

The main attraction is the dancing fountain that sings melodiously and lights up even at night. And most days they have live entertainment which is great. They also have rides like the Sky Wheel.

Egyptian Tomb Adventure – This is a great escape room. They offer everything and it’s really good. This isn’t your traditional escape room either.

Free Things To Do In Pigeon Forge, Tn

The Smoky Coast of the Alps – this is where it all started. It is an alpine railway built on a mountain. It takes more than an hour and takes about 10 minutes.

Elvis Presley Museum – Yes, even Elvis has a museum in Pigeon Forge. We loved visiting Graceland so we will make it a must on our next trip!

Dollywood – Dollywood is the main reason many people visit the area. This is an amazing theme park with lots of Smoky Mountains history between rides.

Cheap Things To Do In Pigeon Forge

Pictured above is the Grist Mill, where you can find their famous cinnamon bread, which can’t be made quickly, and people are happy to wait in line for over an hour.

Best Cheap Things To Do In Pigeon Forge

High Jump – (includes Smoky Mountains Sightseeing Pass) This is a large indoor trampoline park that offers all kinds of games and activities. Many people say it is the best they have ever experienced.

Dollywood’s Splash Country – This is Dollywood’s water park, full of exciting rides and many ways to enjoy the sun and relax. I love the built-in Tennessee Mountains theme.

Parrot Mountain & Gardens – Everyone comments on the number of parrots because they don’t expect much. They also have beautiful peacocks and lots of pictures of them!

Old Mill Square – This historic mill is still in operation today and has a wonderful shopping area built around it. There is a wonderful restaurant downstairs.

Fun Things To Do In Pigeon Forge With Kids (for 2024)

Outdoor Gravity Fields – Have you seen videos of people floating down mountains like giant bubbles? Yes, this is where it happens.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is the building where Godzilla hangs. Wax museums are popular, and in today’s detail they are truly stunning works of art.

Rocky Mountain Winery Trail – (Including Smoky Mountains Viewpoint) East Tennessee’s winery trail is not to be missed. Taste some great local wine, I feel the mountains give the wine something. Plus, everyone agrees that hosting wineries is wonderful.

Cheap Things To Do In Pigeon Forge

Moonshine Taste – Just like the wine trail, there is also the moonshine trail. There are so many breweries in the mountains that you have to taste them.

Grown Up Activities To Do In Pigeon Forge And Gatlinburg

Go Karting – (with Smoky Mountains Scenic Pass) As you drive up the strip, you’ll see countless places to go karting. Each of them is trying to surpass him in some way, so pick one or 5 and enjoy.

Mini Golf – (Includes Smoky Mountains Sightseeing Pass) Like mini golf, there are many places to play mini golf. Indoors, outdoors, against the light, all kinds of motifs and even built into the surface (but I think it’s

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