Best Place To Stay In Paris On A Budget

Best Place To Stay In Paris On A Budget

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Planning a trip to Paris and wondering where to stay? Then you’ve come to the right place! In this post, we’ll show you the best neighborhoods in Paris and give you the right hotel tips.

Best Place To Stay In Paris On A Budget

Paris is a city that everyone should see at least once in their life. When planning a trip to the city of love, you must first ask yourself a few questions:

Where To Stay In Paris: The City’s Best Areas

Where is the best place to stay in Paris? Which districts of the city are strategically best located? What should you consider when looking for accommodation?

The neighborhoods of Paris are very different and each has its own unique advantages and disadvantages when it comes to living.

This post summarizes what you can expect in individual areas and what to look for when choosing accommodation.

Before we get into more specific tips for accommodation in Paris, we want to share some general information about Paris hotels.

Where To Stay In Paris? Best Areas & Hotel Recommendations

This probably comes as no surprise, but let’s be clear: Paris is not a cheap place to live.

With more than 2.4 million inhabitants living in an area of ​​just 100 square kilometers, the living space is of the highest quality. And this, of course, is reflected in the prices and room sizes.

However, there are many hotels with prices ranging from 100 to 300 euros per room per night.

Best Place To Stay In Paris On A Budget

Overall quality in this price range is very inconsistent. So it’s always a good idea to check hotel reviews to make sure you’re getting the best value for money. It’s also worth comparing different room types – in many cases you can get a much better room in the same hotel for just €10 more.

Where To Stay In Paris: Best Areas And Neighborhoods

Note: You should be able to find great deals for under €100 per night, but you should be extra careful when reading reviews to make sure the hotel meets your expectations.

Many of the hotels in central Paris are housed in classic semi-detached houses built around 1850.

These townhouses are beautiful and exude endless Parisian charm, but on the other hand, the buildings are over 150 years old.

If the building is renovated and well maintained, you can’t go wrong. But there are many buildings that haven’t had any work done in decades and are often shabby and noisy.

Where To Stay In Paris First Time: 10 Best Areas & Hotels

So check the reviews and see if people have complained about any of these issues. If so, you should continue your search. It’s just not worth it, no matter how good the price.

High prices in Paris have a ripple effect in the surrounding area. If you’re thinking of looking for cheaper accommodation on the outskirts of town, you’ll have to travel far from the center before prices start to drop significantly. And, of course, that means you’ll spend precious time traveling to and from attractions each day.

If you don’t mind commuting, at least make sure your hotel is close to a metro station. Anything outside the metro network is not worth the extra hassle to save a few euros.

Best Place To Stay In Paris On A Budget

Although city tax is usually included on, for direct bookings it is usually charged separately and paid on arrival at the hotel.

Where To Stay In Paris

Many hotels require payment in cash, so keep a few euros handy.

Don’t expect to find a large wardrobe outside your hotel room door – many rooms in Paris aren’t much bigger than the bed inside.

We don’t really mind because we rarely spend that much time in our room when we visit Paris anyway, other than sleeping.

This means that you will be living out of a suitcase for several days, so it is better to carry a stroller instead of a backpack.

Best Areas To Stay In Paris For Nightlife [2024 ]

Some hotel rooms are a bit stingy with electrical outlets. That’s why we always carry a double-sided adapter just to be safe. But you need to make sure you have a flat Europlug adapter – the thick, round plugs aren’t compatible with most French sockets.

Pro tip: For more tips on packing for a trip to Paris, check out our What to Pack for City Trips post.

The French usually don’t eat much for breakfast. It is quite common for them to drink only a cup of coffee in the morning. Maybe with a roll to dive into if they’re hungry.

Best Place To Stay In Paris On A Budget

Many hotels offer a fuller breakfast to their foreign guests, but not all. So even if breakfast is included, it can mean almost anything from a coffee with a croissant to a full breakfast buffet.

Where To Stay In Paris: Best Arrondissements And Hotels (+ Map)

If you like to start your day with a hearty breakfast, take a look at the hotel’s photos online. Hotels that offer a breakfast buffet like to advertise it. Reviews from other guests can also be a useful guide.

If you can eat it with coffee and a croissant in the morning, you can’t go wrong. Although in this case it might be better to book a room without breakfast and start the day in a nice cafe surrounded by locals.

The city is surrounded by the Périphérique ring road, which forms the boundary of what most people consider the heart of Paris.

Paris is only about 11 km from east to west and 9 km from north to south. London is about 15 times the size of Paris, and Dusseldorf is also more than twice the size.

The Best Arrondissements To Stay In Paris

This means that you can get anywhere you want very quickly in Paris, as public transport is excellent.

Since the main points are scattered all over the city, you should book a hotel as close as possible to the nearest metro station.

This will save you the trouble of lugging your suitcases through the streets of Paris when you arrive, and you’ll be able to get to all the sights in no time.

Best Place To Stay In Paris On A Budget

If you are arriving by car, we recommend staying in the north of Paris, especially if you are traveling to Paris from England or Belgium.

Where To Stay In Paris

This will save you from having to drive through the busy roads of Paris. Many hotels on the outskirts of the city offer underground parking.

Although Paris is quite compact for a large city, it can still be difficult to get around at first. That’s why we’ve put together a map to help you find the best neighborhoods to live in.

This area is perfect for a first time visit to Paris as all the major sites are easily accessible from here.

The Seine flows right through the center of Paris, and the small island of Île de la Cité sits in the middle of the Seine. Paris was founded on this island 2500 years ago. The island and the southern banks of the river are the birthplace of today’s Paris, and many of the small streets there date back to the Middle Ages.

Where To Stay In Paris. A Complete Guide To All Neighborhoods

Around Saint-Michel, along the southern beaches, there are many relatively inexpensive hotels and plenty of surprisingly cheap restaurants and cocktail bars. Saint-Michel is only a short distance from many of the main attractions.

Notre-Dame Cathedral and the Gothic Saint-Chapelle are right on the island. The Luxembourg Gardens, the Pantheon and the Sorbonne are just a few meters away.

If you cross the bridge to the other side of the river, you will find the Marais district with the Pompidou Center and many other museums.

Best Place To Stay In Paris On A Budget

If you want to go north or south, you can take metro number 4 from Saint-Michel. On the other side of the island, you can use five different lines that cross the city at Châtelet station.

Paris Travel Guide

A delicious cocktail of history, luxury shopping and city tours where the city’s rich and famous live door-to-door with the President of France.

Luxury lovers can choose from five-star hotels in the vicinity of the Louvre. Between the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower are even more famous hotels, some of which offer stunning views of the tower.

If you don’t have that much in your pocket, you can find hotels with rooms for less than 300 euros in the streets to the left and right of the Champs-Élysées.

Thanks to the 70-meter-wide Champs-Élysées avenue and the Eiffel Tower, it’s practically impossible to get lost in this part of the city.

Where To Stay In Paris: The Best Neighborhoods And Hotels

The Louvre, Place de la Concorde, Arc de Triomphe, Musée d’Orsay and the Eiffel Tower are within walking distance.

You can also get to almost anywhere in the city from here with seven of the fourteen metro lines

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