Best Cruise To Alaska To See Northern Lights

Best Cruise To Alaska To See Northern Lights

Best Cruise To Alaska To See Northern Lights – Start this journey to try to see the Aurora Borealis in the 7 beautiful Northern Lights. Here are the seven best Northern Lights.

If seeing the northern lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis, is on your travel bucket list, you’ve probably looked at the best places to see them: northern destinations like Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Iceland and Scandinavia. But have you ever thought of visiting these roads by sea instead of land? Many tours offer not only tours in these areas but also special Northern Lights tours.

Best Cruise To Alaska To See Northern Lights

This cruise is especially fun for those looking for the northern lights, as the boats can reach remote areas without pollution, giving visitors the chance to see the aurora in all its glory. So if you haven’t seen the northern lights yet – or if you want to see them again – here are seven northern lights that will help you achieve your goals.

Northern Lights Viewing In Alaska

For 13 days, the luxury Viking cruise takes guests from London to Amsterdam, then up the coast of Norway and north to the Arctic Circle, before returning south to the Norwegian city of Bergen. (Although the same boat takes different routes.) Norwegian fjords are worth seeing in their own right – and when paired with the northern lights, they’re even better! Cruises run from January to March when the sun sets above the Arctic Circle, creating an opportunity for the aurora borealis. Prices start at $4,999 (SGD 6,720.13) per person in 2023, and it should be noted that Viking is a cruise line only.

Given that the shuttle is named after an astronomical phenomenon, it should come as no surprise that it produces the northern lights. Days 19 to 22, depending on the trip, is enough time to see the northern lights – or two, or three, or more. This cruise begins in the northern Norwegian city of Kirkenes before heading south along the coast, heading north to the remote Jan Mayen Islands (place of the bears), the beautiful plains of eastern Greenland and the northern part of Iceland. , The long journey continues with a visit to the Faroe Islands and departure to Bergen, Norway. Aurora only releases one of these ships each year in September. Prices will start at USD 9,705.50 (SGD 13,047) per person in 2023.

Hurtigruten is unique in this group, as it does not offer a Northern Lights cruise. But this cruise line’s route in Norway is right on the best aurora viewing trail. In fact, Hurtigruten is so confident that you will see the northern lights during the aurora season (September 26 to March 31) that if they are not visible on cruises of 11 days or more, the company will give you a free six or five day stay. A seven-day cruise to try. For the best way to see the Northern Lights, we recommend a 12-day trip from Bergen to the Norwegian Sea and back. Prices will start at US$2,309 (SGD 3,104) per person in 2023.

Experts in polar expeditions, Quark Expeditions know a thing or two about the northern lights, which is why the company offers an aurora cruise every summer. These 14-day cruises depart from Iceland to Greenland and return from September to early October. Since most trips are above the Arctic Circle, the chances of seeing the Northern Lights are high, especially since solar activity is at its peak during the summer months and typically in September and March. And if they don’t show up, well, you still have the chance to explore the Westfjords of Iceland and the east coast of Greenland – and that’s worth a trip in itself. Prices will start at USD 8,501 (SGD 11,427.85) per person in 2023.

Northern Lights In Alaska Guide: The Best Place To See The Aurora Borealis

If you don’t have two or three weeks off work to go see the Northern Lights, consider Oceanwide Expeditions’ eight-day Aurora Borealis cruise from Iceland to Greenland and back. This adventure begins in Akureyri, the unofficial capital of North Iceland, before heading to Greenland’s beautiful Scoresby Sund, the world’s largest fjord system. If you’re short on time, you can opt for the 13-day Spitsbergen – Northeast Greenland – Aurora Borealis Tour, which travels through Greenland to the Svalbard Islands before continuing to Iceland. Both occur in the spring and early fall, as darkness returns to the arctic sky. Prices for the eight-day cruise start from US$4,600 (SGD 3,052.24) per person for a 2023 cruise.

Every fall, one or two of Cunard’s flagships head north to Norway, where guests are treated to beach tours. The 12-day cruise departs from Southampton, England, before heading to Ålesund, Tromsø, Narvik and Haugesund, passing through beautiful grounds along the way. Since ships make this trip from October to November, the sky will be dark enough to see the northern lights if sailors want to see them. This trip will be made in 2023

The cheapest option on this list, British cruise line P&O runs 12-day cruises to Norway year-round, but during the aurora season, you have a better chance of seeing the northern lights when you’re there. Guests depart from Southampton, England and travel north to Tromsø, north of the Arctic Circle, before heading north to Norway. We recommend staying in a room with a window for the beautiful view of the Northern Lights. However, those in the inner tubes can always walk in line – which you should do anyway to achieve perfect air quality. Prices in 2023 will start at USD 1,385 (SGD 1,861.85) per person.

Best Cruise To Alaska To See Northern Lights

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This luxury cruise line recently announced 5 epic new ships – including a 70-day Asia cruise 3 months ago The best time to travel to Alaska to see the Northern Lights 2023 is from April 21 to August 20 . Anyone can see the aurora in Fairbanks during any 24 hours of daylight.

Although tour companies operate cruises through September, opportunities to see the northern lights are limited in early summer.

Northern Lights Cruise: How To Experience The Aurora Borealis At Sea

Technically known as the aurora borealis, the aurora borealis occurs when particles collide with gas emitted by the sun’s rays. It can survive throughout the year.

Although this is a scientific phenomenon, it is related to Norse mythology. We can’t see it during the day, we have to wait until night.

In the cool city of Fairbanks, you can have the best time to travel to Alaska to see the Northern Lights 2023. The city gets 24 hours of sunlight 70 days a year.

Best Cruise To Alaska To See Northern Lights

The weather remains pleasant in the city as well. Therefore, it will not be a problem for people to enjoy the neon sky.

Dive Into Thrills—on And Off The Ship—in Alaska

The busiest place in the entire state in terms of tourism is Anchorage. Now, if Fairbanks is not on the route, it is the second place on the right.

Clear skies can be found high in the Glen Alps, in the Nit River Valley or at Point Voronzoff.

Many people find it a challenge to spend their time chasing the Aurora in Anchorage. Other headers are also popular places.

The best time to see the northern lights on Alaska cruises is August. However, you may not get different tours this month.

Where To See The Northern Lights In The United States: 4 Best States For Aurora Viewing

The nights are long and dark, so this is a good month. Some of the requirements include clear skies and no gravitational disturbances on the world.

The best time to take an Alaska cruise is during green season, August. From there, ships go:

Besides being a major tourist attraction, people will see sights like Straight Point Chamber, Dawes and Hubbard Glaciers during the trip.

Best Cruise To Alaska To See Northern Lights

Summer is the best time to book Alaska cruise packages starting at $988 per person. Luxury homes can cost up to $3,000 per trip.

U.s. Best Places To Visit And Visibly See The Northern Lights

There can be world-class facilities on board. If tourists can spend more, they can get additional facilities including spa, massage, poker, etc.

Spirit Cruises are available from May 7, 2024 to May 14, 2024. Spirit features fresh water, children’s activities, spa, bar, dining, fine dining and more.

Royal Caribbean offers cruises from Vancouver and Seattle. It is scheduled to operate from July to August in 2023.

Package prices range from $1016 – $1341 per person. The round trip takes eight days to complete.

The Best Northern Lights Cruises For 2024

You can find it on their website called 7 Night Alaska Glacier Cruise. Royal Caribbean is full of attractions, beach dining, seafood, children’s activities and much more.

This is one of the first possibilities of the above mentioned travel companies. They offer special foods to eat and drink.

Most recommended for polar lights, the Pearl of Norway is a good choice at a good price. Starting at $914, they offer a free open bar

Best Cruise To Alaska To See Northern Lights

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