Where To Stay Near Yellowstone National Park

Where To Stay Near Yellowstone National Park – When planning a trip to Yellowstone, one of the biggest questions you may have is “Where can I stay?” Yellowstone National Park is huge, with many park entrances and thousands of acres of land. Choosing a place to stay in Yellowstone can seem difficult, but it doesn’t have to be.

In this guide, we hope to make things easier for you. Learn about the top places to stay in Yellowstone and specific hotels nearby and lodging recommendations based on your itinerary and length of stay.

Where To Stay Near Yellowstone National Park

This guide works well with our Yellowstone post, which lists five day trip ideas with recommended hotel locations for each day (it opens in a new browser tab so you can easily reference this post).

Must Have Tips To Planning A Trip To Yellowstone

Before I start listing hotels and accommodations in and around Yellowstone, there are a few important things you should know.

Choosing a place to stay in Yellowstone depends on several factors: how long you plan to visit Yellowstone, how far in advance you book, and where you plan to go before and after your visit.

If you plan to visit Yellowstone National Park for at least three days, consider staying at two different locations. Packing and unpacking can be a hassle, but Yellowstone is so big that changing accommodations can cut down on time spent in the park.

The best place to stay in the park is Canyon Village. It is very central. Hayden Valley, Tower Falls and Norris Geyser Basin are just a short distance from here. With more time, you can visit Lamar Valley, Old Faithful and Grand Prismatic Springs. And the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone is right on your doorstep.

Where To Stay In Yellowstone National Park

Lodges inside Yellowstone National Park sell out ridiculously early. We’re talking 12 months in advance! If you want to visit Yellowstone in the summer of 2025, you should make your reservations by May 2024.

So, what if you can’t reserve a place to sleep in the park? Don’t worry there are plenty of options outside of Yellowstone. Both times we visited Yellowstone we stayed outside the park and still had a wonderful experience.

The best place to stay outside the park is West Yellowstone. This small town has a variety of hotels and restaurants.

The recommendations in this post are for summer, May through October. From November to mid-April, many road and closures in the park. Although it is possible to visit the park in winter, it is a different experience. Most lodges are closed during this time and you can get around by snowmobile or snow coach.

The Top 15 Things To Do In Yellowstone National Park (updated 2024)

With more than 2 million acres of land and five park entrances, Yellowstone National Park is huge. In terms of area, it is the second largest national park in the United States outside of Alaska. Yellowstone is located in three states: Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana, with most of its land area in Wyoming.

If you look at Yellowstone on a map, there are two loops in the park. Both of these loops offer many great things to do in the park.

On the map below, I’ve indicated five park entrances, Yellowstone National Park accommodations (in blue), and places to stay outside the park (in black).

Canyon Village. Canyon Lodges and Cabins. It is the largest and most beautiful part of the park. Being relatively central, this is the best place to stay in the park.

Best Places To Stay In Yellowstone: Camping + Lodges

Yellowstone Lake. There are two features here. Lake Lodge Cabins consists of the main lodge and 186 cabins, some with views of the lake. The Lake Yellowstone Hotel is a National Historic Landmark and was completely renovated in 2014. You can also stay in lake cottages.

Grant village. Grant Village is located near the West Thumb area of ​​Yellowstone Lake and has two 50-room resorts.

Old Faithful. Old Faithful has three lodges. The Old Faithful Inn is a National Historic Landmark and one of the last remaining log hotels in America. If you want to stay in a historic property and be able to watch Old Faithful explode from your room, this is a great place to stay. Old Faithful Lodge Cabins and Old Faithful Snow Lodge are also located near Old Faithful.

Mammoth Hot Springs. Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel and Cabins is located north of Yellowstone. The hotel has been recently renovated. Elk eats near the hotel and you can get a drink at the bar in the map room.

Yellowstone National Park Holiday Rentals & Homes

Kota Falls Stay in Roosevelt Lodge cabins. They serve an Old West dinner and there is a corral nearby where you can go horseback riding.

Every lodge or village has at least one restaurant. Many large villages (eg, Old Faithful) have more than one restaurant, convenience store, and/or gift shop.

Yellowstone has several campgrounds in Canyon Village, near Yellowstone Lake, Old Faithful (Madison Campground) and Grant Village. Fishing Bridge Recreational Vehicle Park is located near Yellowstone Lake. Read more here.

Reservations open on May 1 of the preceding summer year (summer 2025 reservations open May 1, 2024) and March 15 of the preceding winter year. Lodges are fully booked up to a year in advance, but cancellations are common, so always check back if you can’t reserve the lodge you want.

Canyon Lodge & Cabins

So, if you are planning a trip in 2025, make your reservation by May 2024. If you can’t find a place to stay in the park, I recommend booking a hotel outside the park. On Booking.com, you can book many properties as “refundable”, meaning you can cancel on a specific date and get your full payment back. Keep checking the Yellowstone Lodging website for cancellations. If something happens, make your Yellowstone Lodge reservation and cancel your reservation outside the park.

Terry from Go with Terry is a frequent traveler to Yellowstone. She recommends calling the park 6 to 8 weeks before your trip to get a reservation. As people cancel their plans, rooms become available and you can reserve them by calling the park directly. Terry recommends avoiding online booking systems as they are difficult to use and do not show available rooms. You can read his full message in the comments section below. Thanks Terry!

There are several towns outside the park entrance that make great homes for exploring Yellowstone.

Ideally, it’s best to stay inside the park to minimize driving time, but staying outside the park has many advantages. Accommodation is cheaper, you have a wider variety of restaurants and grocery stores in other cities, and reservations are easier to make even if you’re planning things last minute.

A Local’s Guide To Visiting Yellowstone National Park • The Blonde Abroad

Pro tip: Yellowstone National Park gates are open 24 hours a day. If you are outside the park, you can enter before sunrise or leave after sunset.

Outside of Yellowstone National Park, West Yellowstone is the best place to stay because the driving time to attractions is short. On the other side is Lamar Valley, which is in the northeast corner of the park.

Under Canvas Yellowstone. This is not your average hotel… this is a luxury camping or glamping experience. Choose from several styles of safari-style tents. All tents have their own, private bathrooms and some can accommodate up to four people.

Kelly Inn. We stayed at this place in 2019 and had a great experience. The rooms are large, clean and quiet, and the Wi-Fi works well. You can walk or drive to many restaurants in Gardiner.

Where To Stay In Yellowstone In 2024: Best Hotels And Locations

1872 in – Adults only. This boutique hotel looks amazing. If you are traveling as a couple and looking for a luxury hotel, look no further. The hotel also has a sauna and fitness center.

Faithful Street Inn. This is one of the top options in West Yellowstone. If you are traveling with a large group, Faithful Street Inn is perfect for you. These houses have many bedrooms. If you’re a big group, look for an 8-bedroom house that can accommodate up to 18 people!

Explorer’s Cabin in Yellowstone. This is another great option for families. These cottages have one or two bedrooms, a separate living area, kitchen and fireplace. There is an indoor pool.

It’s a cool city near Mammoth Hot Springs and the northern entrance to Yellowstone. This is a great place to stay in the northern part of Yellowstone. From Gardiner, it’s a 20-minute drive down a winding road to Mammoth Hot Springs. Expect a long drive from Old Faithful and Yellowstone Lake.

Best Places To Stay In Yellowstone For Families

This is a great place to stay if you are coming from the north or planning to visit Glacier National Park.

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