Places To Stay In Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Places To Stay In Great Smoky Mountains National Park – This Great Smoky Mountains National Park camping guide is brought to you by Mountain House, who know the importance of not only living while camping and hiking, but also the perfect vacation meal that makes you feel right at home. wherever he wanders.

On the border of North Carolina, stretching into eastern Tennessee, you’ll find the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This all-American property was established on June 15, 1934; It is the 23rd oldest national park in the United States and the second oldest national park in the eastern United States. This national park is full of natural beauty and we want to help you enjoy all that the park has to offer. So without further ado, here’s a guide to camping in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Places To Stay In Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Let’s start with a few important things. Here are some interesting facts about Great Smoky Mountains National Park that help set the stage for this natural wonder:

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With all these reasons to visit this Eastern treasure, here is Dyrt’s pick for seven of our favorite great campgrounds in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Stay together or hop on multiple campsites for a more personalized park experience. And as always, be a grateful camper by keeping these tips in mind for your visit. Camps are limited to 14 days, and the park cannot be visited more than 60 times a year. The employer’s silence is from 20:00 to 08:00 and normal silence is from 22:00 to 06:00.

Elkmont is the park’s largest Smoky Mountains National Park campground. Located in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, it has 220 tent and RV sites. Although the camp has running and running water, there are no showers and no electrical or stormwater hookups.

For overnight guests only, no day use required. Elkmont Campground also includes 9 ADA accessible campsites with electronic medical equipment. Sites range from $25 to $27 per night and are available year-round.

Of The Best Towns And Cities Near Smoky Mountains National Park — Harbors & Havens

Elkmont has a former station near town that you can take a bus back and forth from. There is plenty of tree cover and the places are well placed. A small river running through the camp keeps it cool and is a pleasant sight.

This campground is located on nearly 800 miles of trails that wind through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Although you must register, there are 20 places reserved for the walk.

Look Rock Campground is no longer open to campers, but Abrams Creek is just 15 minutes away in Tallasee, Tennessee. Abrams Creek Campground is a campground that costs about $17.50 per night on average. You can climb Look Rock Tower, but Abrams Creek may have enough gear to accommodate you.

Abrams Creek is set up for tent sites and is an excellent fishing spot. Customers have access to running water and drinking water, but there is no electricity or water dispenser.

Great Smoky Mountains Cabin Rentals

The high season at Abrams Creek is from April to October. You must book and there is a maximum of 6 people per page. The seats are close together but have plenty of room to spread out. Some areas back to the river, perfect fishing. Well-behaved pets are allowed, but not on the trail.

Camp Cosby is a former camp in Cosby, Tennessee. This campground has 131 beautiful trees for hammocks and horse trails. Practical advice for visitors; there are no showers, electricity or running water on site. However, the lack of amenities makes it one of the quietest campgrounds in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The sites are well separated by trees. Drinking water and running water are available.

Reservations at Cosby Campground are required in advance and are $17.50 per night. The season starts in April-November. There are 2 ADA accessible sites and 9 designated RV tent sites. About 40 places are available for volunteer campers on a first-come, first-served basis.

This campground is located in Cades Cove Valley, surrounded by beautiful green mountains. Cades Cove Campground is one of the first on-site campgrounds in the park and costs $25 per night. Maintenance is recommended.

Cades Cove In Pigeon Forge At The Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The season is all year round. The camp store is available from May to October, and there is drinking water and sanitary facilities on site. However, there are no showers, electricity or water connections.

Cades Cove is a great place to hike or bike the Cades Cove Loop, and horses can be rented for riding. Cades Cove Campground is rich in wildlife, including white-tailed deer, coyotes, and giant black bears.

Loop B offers equipment while Loop C does not. This area is perfect for those who want to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet of outdoor camping.

Paint Rock Farm Glamping Retreat is a backyard campsite for those who don’t want to give up the comforts of modern life. Located in Hot Springs, North Carolina, Paint Rock Farm is a great place to relax in the comfort of your own home.

Yes, You Can Avoid The Crowds At (the Very Popular) Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The average nightly rate at Paint Rock Farm is $100-$125 and you need a break. Each plot has easy access to running water, electricity and toilets.

Paint Rock Farm has a rich history and was originally established to grow tobacco. The old building where the tobacco was dried is now a beautiful place to visit. In 2019, Paint Rock Farm became an organic hemp farm for CBD use. You and your friends or family will be happy to visit hemp farms and learn about the innovative ways hemp products are made into healthy and beautiful products.

Located in Asheville, North Carolina, Lake Powhatan Campground offers the best of both worlds if you want a combination of glamping and traditional camping. In addition to the traditional 74 tents, there are 12 glamping spots available. Prices range from $22 to $120, and you must make a reservation if you plan to indulge. There is a hot tub, restrooms, and ADA areas. Peak season is from April to December.

The camp is divided into four parts; all are close to Lake Powhatan itself. Lake Powhatan has its own beach area for swimming and sunbathing. To protect the area, motorboats are not allowed on the lake. The campground is also close to the French Broad River, which is a great spot for fishing. It’s only 10 minutes from downtown Asheville, so you can enjoy your camping experience and walk into town for dinner and supplies.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Great Smoky Mountains National Park?

Located in Cherokee, North Carolina, Smokemont Campground is a great campground with lots to do. There is running water for drinking, washing and showering, and it is available in campsites and RV camps. The mobile home has an electrical connection and sockets in the bathroom. The site costs $25 per night, and the high season is from February to November. Maintenance is good, but some areas are reserved for walking.

There is an old church at Smokemont Campground that you can visit and take pictures. The place is close to hiking trails and a river for relaxation. There is a lot of wildlife to be seen, such as deer and white-tailed deer. The place is quiet and you can access hiking trails through the forest.

If you’re ready to get outdoors, explore, and camp in North Carolina’s Great Smoky Mountains, the campgrounds on this list offer a great selection with something for everyone. Pick and choose your favorites for the perfect camping trip.

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Facts About Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Despite the difficulty and length of the route and the climb, getting Yosemite Half Dome permits is a tough challenge. Half Dome is a big read… This article may contain affiliate links where we earn a small commission on any purchases you make from links you click on in this article. More information is available on the recommendation page.

It may surprise you, but the most popular national park in the United States is not the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, or Yellowstone. Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the most popular. This magnificent mountain range with its diverse ecosystems, wildlife and traditions is uniquely situated, half in North Carolina and half in Tennessee.

For those starting to plan your trip to the Smokies, you should think about how to find the national park and where you want to fly or fly. With this guide, you’ll learn about the best places to stay in the Smoky Mountains

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