Fun Things To Do In My Area This Weekend

Fun Things To Do In My Area This Weekend

Fun Things To Do In My Area This Weekend – Looking for something fun to do without spending a fortune? When you think of all the free things you can do in your home and city, it’s easy to spend a weekend or a month without spending money.

This page will show you many budgeting activities that everyone in your family can do. Why not take part and see how many you can collect?

Fun Things To Do In My Area This Weekend

If you want to have fun without spending a fortune, there are many options. You don’t have to think outside the box for this.

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This list of free weekend activities is sure to fill your time with fun and free activities.

And if you want more freebies to save some extra cash, check out what’s happening in your city, too! There’s likely always something free and fun to do if you know where to look.

Do you have anyone else you can think of to add to the list? Remember… when it comes to entertainment, sometimes the best things are free.

Also, think about how good it would be to reach your financial goals. Get outside and go to your local park, local library, or have a game night with your kids.

Exciting Things To Do At Sentosa This June

For your convenience, I’ve added a free printable contest below. Now you can quickly print and show off all the cool things you do.

It’s not easy to do fun activities for free. All you have to worry about is getting up and doing the activities you want to do.

Studies have shown that if you like it, you’ll also like the following reviews. I collected it here for you!

Fun Things To Do In My Area This Weekend

40 great ideas on what to look for on a nature walk. Plus, there’s a second printable nature walk page where kids can write about all the fun things they find while exploring nature. Singapore is a city I feel lucky to call home! The main reason is of course all the fun things to do in Singapore, but the unexpected nature of some of them is probably what made it so special to call the city “home” for a while…

Fun Things To Do With Your Babies And Toddlers In Singapore: Indoor

My move to Singapore happened around the time of my studies at Cambridge University and I have to admit that I came here with nothing but stereotypical expectations of Singapore, that it is a cosmopolitan city.

Bright and shiny and filled with towers of glass and steel, just as I had hoped at the time.

And don’t get me wrong, Singapore is bright, shiny and everything you’d expect from a global city (well, except that the crime rate here is very low!

You’ll feel as safe as if you were walking down the street at 4pm, but here’s the thing: Singapore is so much more than those bright lights.

Things To Do At Home During Lockdown (free Printable List)

It is also full of unexpected surprises (somewhat tautological like “liqueur water”, but you know what I mean ðŸĪŠðŸ˜„).

The kind of surprises that make you realize why the city is not just a great place to visit, but a great place to call home. It kind of made me want to stay in Singapore after my initial plans here.

So, as I said before, Singapore is a glorious city! It is home to many billion dollar companies and has the highest number of millionaires in the world.

Fun Things To Do In My Area This Weekend

Everything about Singapore seems to scream city glitz, so you’d be easily forgiven for not realizing that the city has a more natural and rustic side to it. The place in question is Pulau Ubin, also known as Ubin or Ubin Island. (“Pulau” translates as “island” in English).

Free And Fun Things To Do In Singapore During The June Holidays

I really didn’t care about Ubin Island. I received an invitation to a team work day on the island (

When I arrived on the island (a short ferry ride from the mainland) I realized that this is a part of Singapore unlike any other.

On Ubin Island, you’ll find trails, abandoned granite quarries and traditional kampong (villages) (traditional Malay houses) and see Southeast Asian monarchs and birds in the wetlands. It’s like stepping back into Singapore and full of amazing wildlife.

This is the kind of island where you might find yourself in a roadblock while cycling because a monkey decided to leave some fruit on the road, or look for a pig looking for food in your bag, or a place where there is a pot or a bug. The big observatory is a common sight, definitely different from the Singapore you can expect if you only spend time in the city center.

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Ubin Island is amazing and a part of Singapore that most travelers don’t think to visit. It’s a great way to get ‘lost’ in nature and it’s really nice to see it. As briefly mentioned above, getting to Ubin Island is very easy – just a 10 minute boat ride.

To get around while on the island you can rent a bike, which makes more sense as you explore the island further, although walking is another good option.

Suffice to say, this is one of the best things to do in Singapore if you really want to get a more balanced view of what Singapore has to offer, outside of the city life.

Fun Things To Do In My Area This Weekend

Singapore isn’t one of those cities where you’d expect to find a beach, and for good reason. It’s not exactly a “beach vacation” destination, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great day at the beach here.

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Lazarus Island is one of Singapore’s underrated spots that most city travelers don’t think to explore.

Most people might think of going to Sentosa (it has a man-made beach), but Lazarus Island is one of the best places to go in Singapore if you want to spend a day at the beach.

Lazarus Island is not very crowded (locals are what you see here) and it’s like you’re far from the city (when you’re here, you don’t even see the horizon, you look across the city). Traveling here is easily one of the most fun and enjoyable things to do in Singapore.

To get here, take a ferry from Singapore Marina South Pier to St.

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It is also good to visit the small San Juan Island here, and if you are lucky, after completing Lazarus Island, your ticket can take you to Kusu Island. little

Well, you won’t find anywhere to buy anything here and there really isn’t any shade on the island unless you leave the beach and go to the coconut groves, so bring what you need. you (sun, food, drink…etc).

Continuing the nature theme, another unexpected thing to do in Singapore is to explore the Macritchie Nature Trail. The Macritchie Nature Trail is one of those areas of the city that feels like miles away from the city. This 12-acre national park has hiking trails, kayaks, and canoes for rent.

Fun Things To Do In My Area This Weekend

You can take a taxi here (or drive, if you have a car), stop, and within minutes you’ll feel like you’re somewhere else.

Fun Things To Do With Your Friends (weekends Or Summer)

We were hoping for a quick hike, but with 11 kilometers of hiking trails (and many options for how to do it), you could spend a whole day here on the trail (obviously you can choose to stay as long or as long as you like). If you love outdoor adventures, this is one of the best things to do in Singapore.

I think when we were here, I realized that Singaporeans are very active. They take advantage of the nature around them and people often find themselves doubling as fast (more than sometimes) so that they can move at speeds that we can’t even see (believe me, we tried..). very often). !!! 😄😄).

There are also plenty of wildlife viewing opportunities here, especially the ferocious macaque monkeys and you might even spot a flying lemur. The Macritchie Nature Trail has tropical plants unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else in the world and is a glorious place to visit in Singapore.

When you think of Singapore, most people probably think of Chinese heritage

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