Best Places To Stay When Visiting Washington Dc

Best Places To Stay When Visiting Washington Dc – Washington, D.C. has always been one of my favorite places to visit, not only because of the history it shows, but because of all the great things to do and see.

I have lived there for 10 years and it helps me to understand it and it is a great opportunity to stay in Washington DC. Now when I come back to visit, I always stay in these upscale areas that are close to the metro so I can get around anywhere easily.

Best Places To Stay When Visiting Washington Dc

The diamond-shaped capital overlooks the meandering Potomac River that divides Arlington from Alexandria, Virginia, to the southwest.

Unofficial Guide To Washington, D.c.

Although you might think that the best place to stay is closer to the financial center of the country where all the action takes place, that is not necessarily true. There are many interesting and fun areas of the capital that you can explore.

If you’re looking for a place to stay on your next trip to Washington, D.C., here’s an in-depth guide to where to stay when we visit. I don’t think you can go wrong with any of these specific areas or hotels. Your choice will come down to personal preference.

Washington, D.C. in many areas, each with its own unique architectural and cultural heritage. Whether you’re heading to the capital for sightseeing, shopping or a night out, we’ve got you covered.

Downtown is a great place to stay when visiting Washington, D.C. for the first time, even if you don’t have a rental car, which is not necessary for first-time visitors.

Washington D.c. Fall Travel Guide

The downtown area of ​​Washington, DC, although without an official name, covers a large area that includes everything from East Georgetown to Union Station, Dupont Circle all the way to the US Capitol and beyond from Market Square. Others may disagree with me on this, but a rough guide is to know where you stand.

It is in the heart of the country’s capital. The best part of the world is full of luxury hotels, old bars, shops and many museums.

Along with must-see DC landmarks, you’ll also find many cultural and government institutions such as the US Capitol, the Renwick Center, the Museum of Women in the Arts, the State Department, and the most famous address of country, 1600 Pennsylvania – White House.

The area is easily walkable and has many public transport services, especially Metro Rail and Metrobus, which connect the downtown area to other areas of the capital.

Washington Dc Family Travel Guide: Plan The Perfect Vacation To America’s Capital City

The downtown location makes getting around town and taking day trips to Alexandria, or even taking this tour of Mount Vernon, very easy. There is no need for a car.

If you’re a history buff, Capitol Hill is a great place to stay in Washington, DC. This area has some of the most iconic government buildings in the country. Here you will find the Supreme Court and the US House of Representatives and Senate, not to mention the impressive Capitol Dome.

Capital Hill also has some of the best hotels in Washington, DC for travel. From the stunning neoclassical architecture to the array of dining options, you will be spoiled for choice.

Take a hop-on, hop-off tour in an open-top bus and see government buildings where laws are adopted. You should (yes, you should) visit the famous Oriental Market, where you can buy fresh fruit, meats and cheeses during the week and arts and crafts at the weekend.

Best Areas To Stay In Washington Dc (+ Recommended Hotels)

The best way to tour Capitol Hill is to take a walking tour of the United States Capitol and the Library of Congress.

Built on the banks of the Potomac River and a stone’s throw from Theodore Roosevelt Island, Foggy Bottom is a melting pot of local government and culture. And don’t let the funny name fool you; Foggy Bottom is one of the oldest neighborhoods in DC.

The name comes from the ethereal mist that often lingers here. Foggy Bottom is one of the most beautiful places to stay in D.C., thanks to the tree-lined islands across the river and Peace Creek Park.

George Washington University is located here, making the area popular with students and graduates. That’s why you will find a lot of bars and easy ways to get around the city, such as Segway tours and food tours.

Top Local Dc Attractions & Activities

It is also near the State Department, the Kennedy Center for the Arts, and the Watergate Hotel. I work in the Government Office, so I spend a lot of time on that. Although it is far from the main attractions, it is a quiet place to stop to see the market.

Chinatown is one of the most unique places to stay in Washington, DC. This beautiful area includes museums, theaters, restaurants and entertainment. The area gives you a break from the amazing architecture and country features, giving you an intimate experience in the capital. Chinatown is also a great place to meet some of the capital’s locals.

You will be within easy reach of the National Portrait Gallery and the Shakespeare Theater Company. Take a break from eating burgers and visit Chinese food and Asian restaurants.

Chinatown is a great place for foodies, history buffs, and anyone who wants to see more than neoclassical buildings. Sports fans will love attending a Washington Wizards basketball game or a Washington Capitals hockey game at Capital One Arena.

Washington Dc Tours & Sightseeing

If you’re looking for a great neighborhood to stay in DC that has a relaxed attitude and the best of downtown, Dupont Circle is the place to be. In this popular park, you can find people walking their dogs, doing some yoga, or playing a heated game of chess.

The neighborhood offers an array of nightlife and an endless list of establishments. Here, you can find many interesting bars, top bistros, galleries and internship centers.

You’ll have a good time at the Eighteenth Street Lounge, a popular local dance club. It will be a retreat to the famous Dupont Circle Market to take photos and people watch.

Logan Circle is one of DC’s oldest neighborhoods. The attractive area is spread over many tourist attractions and beautiful parks. Although most of the neighborhood includes turn-of-the-century townhouses, it is one of the most modern and trendy neighborhoods in Washington, D.C.

Best Boutique Hotels In Washington, D.c

This area has a great nightlife with many street cafes, theaters and bars across P Street and heading north to 14th Street. Although it has a darker history than other areas of DC, Logan Circle has great shopping, trendy dining and Victorian-style architecture. .

Logan Circle has the power of youth. Well-established urban areas and well-designed urban areas attracted many urban residents in the 1980s and 1990s, thus breathing new life into previously decaying areas.

Do you know? The 4th Street District in Logan Circle includes approximately 765 properties deemed historically significant.

Georgetown is one of the most beautiful areas of the capital. The area is a lively residential area with Federal-style architecture, cobblestone streets, colorful townhouses, and many student bars.

Washington Dc Travel Essentials

Georgetown, along with Capitol Hill, Logan Circle, and Dupont Circle, are among the safest neighborhoods in D.C. It is a popular place for politicians and celebrities to stay, and is home to some of the capital’s best hotels for tourists.

From fun college bars to flowing rivers and bike trails, you can experience the best of Georgetown. The best way to see the area is to take a bike tour or take a historical tour around the city.

Ghost tours in George Town are also very popular among tourists, as you can learn about the true history of crime and supernatural events that happen here. Foodies and gourmands will love walking through the neighborhood with gastronomic tours.

If you are visiting the country’s capital for the first time, the best time to go to the city is during the peak season. This is March to May (spring season) or September to October (autumn). The advantage is a mild and consistent climate with little tourism.

Best Things To Do In Washington Dc: It’s More Than Just A Capital City!

On the other hand, if you are a casual traveler, any time is a good time to travel to Washington. Each season brings a different atmosphere to the city, with different activities such as baseball or sports season. I’ve never been a big fan of DC summer. It can be hot and humid, for me I would avoid the heat if possible.

The rain also knows that the city is hard. I visited for the first time in February, and there was so much snow that I had to walk around, unfortunately. Since you cannot plan ahead for rain, it is best to avoid the period from January to early March.

What makes Washington, D.C., an attractive tourist destination is that it has many tourist attractions and is an easy city to walk around.

Washington also has a great metro system, easy to use. All you need is a SmarTrip card, which you can get at any metro station for $10 ($2 on an $8 card).

Best Places To Go Shopping In Washington Dc

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