Best Places To Stay In Nashville For Bachelorette Party

Best Places To Stay In Nashville For Bachelorette Party – If you’re a bride who loves music, fine dining and more, it goes without saying that Nashville should be on your list of places to consider for your bachelorette party. There’s a good reason why this Southern city has become a nationwide bachelor haven: Nashville has plenty to do and see, so groups can always find activities to suit their needs. Plus, it’s easy to travel from anywhere in the United States.

Already convinced that Nashville is the perfect place for a bachelorette party? Then we would like to help you plan your trip. We reached out to travel expert Samantha Patil to get the inside scoop on where to stay, what to do and where to eat in this vibrant city, and asked her to share her tips on how to throw an unforgettable bachelorette party in Nashville .

Best Places To Stay In Nashville For Bachelorette Party

Samantha Patil is the founder and CEO of Well Traveled, an exclusive social platform for the modern traveller.

Your Nashville Bachelorette Party Guide

Ahead, our ultimate guide to planning a bachelorette party in Nashville, along with a three-day itinerary you can follow. Stay away? Add some extra activities from our top list of suggestions to your trip!

Nashville has always been a hot spot for bachelorette parties, and it’s not hard to see why. Weekends in Nashville are filled with everything from great dining to a lively bar scene. No doubt you will be a party and forever cherished by your closest group.

Choosing a hotel in a city like Nashville can be stressful, especially if you have a group full of different personalities; So Patil breaks it down for us. “If you’re looking to stay in a hotel, our top four picks are Noël, a contemporary hotel with a stunning rooftop bar called the Rare Bird; Westin Nashville Downtown, a spectacular pool party; East Nashville’s Urban Cowboy, a charming eight-room ultra-boutique hipster retreat in a historic Victorian mansion (check out its equally cool bar, the Public House); Or the upscale Thompson Hotel in the heart of the Gulch neighborhood. “

The Gulch: If you want to be close to the hustle and bustle of the city but not in the middle of it, try a hotel in the Gulch. It is most famous for its neighborhood restaurants, trendy shops and luxury hotels.

Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas In Nashville

Germantown: Germantown is an interesting part of Nashville known for its rich history. Local boutiques and popular restaurants can be found in the area, making it the perfect singles hideaway for a weekend getaway.

12 South: The 12 South neighborhood runs a half mile south of 12th Avenue. The area is full of gourmet restaurants, vintage shops, cafes and more. This place is definitely on the business side, so if you’re looking to party, this is your place.

East Nashville: The quieter, more artistic side of Nashville can be found in the East Nashville neighborhood. As for accommodation, there are also trendy hotels and wonderful Airbnbs to choose from

For larger groups, check out Airbnb and Sonder rentals, which are great for hosting groups.

Nashville Bachelorette Party: 20 Amazing Ideas You Will Want To Steal

It’s no secret that Nashville is the epicenter of all things food. Whether you’re looking for fine dining or a trendy dining spot, Nashville has it all. Below are our favorite places to eat in the city, but you can’t go wrong wherever you go!

From great music venues to brunch spots, there are plenty of places in Nashville to check out on your bachelorette party with the girls. First, start your day with a tour of the famous Grand Ole Opria and see some of the biggest names in country music perform on stage. Then, book the Mural and Mimosa Tour for a unique and Insta-worthy experience where you can take a mini photo in front of Nashville’s colorful graffiti while stopping for a mimosa flight!

Other daytime activities include a line dancing lesson to prepare for the night’s tonka party or a relaxing wine tasting at Arrington Vineyards.

We all know Nashville is all about the music. If you’re in town for a bachelorette party, you must check out a tonka! “The best nightclubs with lots of live music and dancing are right in the center of Broadway, affectionately known as ‘NashVegas.’ Our favorites are Tuttis, Roberts Western World, The Stage and FGL House,” he said.

My Bachelorette Party In Nashville {what To Do & Where To Eat And Drink}

Also, if you’re looking for more low-key but truly original music, try booking a seat at the popular Bluebird Cafe or The Listening Room Cafe to hear some of the city’s best songwriters, she said.

For a quick break from the country scene, Broadway has some great nightlife spots. For example, Flamingo Cocktail Club, Pinewood Social (there’s even bowling!) and Rosemary and Beauty Queen, which have unique indoor and outdoor cocktails, are all great options. For groups looking to get active, there are a number of beautiful walks in Percy Warner Park or Radnor Lake State Park.

In general, most commuters use Uber or Lyft to get around Nashville. One of the most unique things about visiting Nashville for a bachelorette party is the abundance of party vehicles that will take you and your group around town. For example, there is the Nashville Party Tractor, Party Fire Engine, Party Barge, Party Wagon and more.

Now that you’ve explored all that Nashville has to offer in Germantown, East Nashville, and Downtown, it’s time to head to 12 South, one of the city’s most scenic and picturesque neighborhoods. Where we’ve been, what we’ve done, and things to see and do for a Nashville bachelorette party or a girls’ weekend in Nashville! First of all, we should know that we were far from Broadway, so we didn’t do anything downtown, but we still had the best time! So if you’re after a fun time and great photos, this is the bachelorette party (or girls trip) for you!

Nashville Is So Much More Than Bachelorette Parties And Country Music

We were actually in Franklin, so it was a little difficult to get into Nashville. We only planned to go to Nashville for 1 day, but our trip to the vineyard got rained out, so we ended up driving twice. It wasn’t terrible, but while you were in Nashville Vs. A must if you want to be Franklin.

Our stay was lovely! This is a wonderful Franklin Farmhouse air bnb! It was attached to the owners house and was beautiful. They had cows, chickens and a beautiful farm so I felt right at home!!

Day 1: Sure enough, we checked out at noon and my girls had the place already set up and champagne ready when I arrived! Such a wonderful welcome! We stopped at the house before dinner and then went to Gray’s Downtown Franklin for dinner and drinks!

Day 2: Graduation dinner on the white roof limo was the first event! We should hang out at the bar Dolly! The breakfast was great, the drinks were fun, and the atmosphere and photo ops were perfect for a bachelorette party or girls weekend! So we ate there after it opened and then headed to the Marriott at the resort for lunch! Then we went home and had drinks at home and then watched the Father of the Bride on the projector outside! It was so beautiful and dreamy!

Nashville Bachelorette Weekend Guide From A Local

Day 3: We started the day with an indoor PJ dinner at home! The house had a small yard, the girls were beautifully decorated and had a lot of fun! Homemade mimosas and all the great breakfast items for a great breakfast. We planned to do Arrington Vineyards later, but it was dark and rainy when we woke up. Not ideal for lunch in a vineyard. So we changed plans and headed back to Nashville for drinks, bowling and dinner at Pinewood Social. We stayed there for hours and had the best time!!

The theme was Katie’s Last Rodeo so she had a very cowboy/cowgirl theme with giant brick balloons, pink party hats, Scottish bach coozies and Headdy Thermos mugs! They were such a fun touch and had a cup and mug to remember the weekend!

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