Best Area To Stay In Dublin Ireland

Best Area To Stay In Dublin Ireland

Best Area To Stay In Dublin Ireland – Planning to visit the beautiful city of Dublin? Good luck, this is a great choice! Now let’s talk about the best places to stay in Dublin.

After looking at all the places to stay in the city, I choose the best for you and organize it with passion and budget! So sit back, relax and choose what you like!

Best Area To Stay In Dublin Ireland

In short, the best place to stay in Dublin is O’Connell Street, as it is a very popular place for tourists and the city center.

Best Places To Go Shopping In Dublin

Read on to discover the best neighborhoods in the city and find and book your perfect hotel in seconds!

Dublin is a dense and popular city. If you want to get a room in the city center while visiting Dublin, you need to book in advance!

I have selected for you 8 areas which are best for tourists. Check out this map of Dublin to help you understand where these areas are:

If you want to stay in Dublin Street, make sure you find a hotel as close to O’Connell Street as possible.

Best Hotels In Dublin. Hotel Deals From £94/night

The street is lined with restaurants, pubs and clothing shops. So you will have everything you need.

One of the biggest advantages of living on this road is that you will be close to important places in the city. For example, Temple Bar is within a 15 minute walk!

One of the main attractions in the area is the General Post Office, which houses a fascinating museum that tells the story of the Easter Rising in 1916 and other stories from Ireland’s past.

Best Area To Stay In Dublin Ireland

Note: Although this is a good place for first timers, you should be careful in this area especially at night.

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On the South Bank in Dublin, the nightlife in Temple Bar, Trinity and Grafton Street is exciting!

Temple Bar is a popular tourist destination where you can find traditional Irish restaurants with live music! One of the most famous bars in Dublin is here, the Temple Bar.

The Temple Bar is a family owned pub and was founded in 1840, so it has been our home in Dublin for many years!

On the other side, Grafton Street, close to St Stephen’s Green, has many attractive shops and stylish restaurants and bars.

Where To Stay In Dublin Without A Car: 7 Best Areas

While in the area, stop by the Little Museum of Dublin, which explores the city’s history.

The campus of Trinity College is nice. It has many important places nearby, such as the university itself and the Book of Kells, a wonderful library full of ancient Gospel images!

Please note that accommodation prices in the Temple Bar area are higher than elsewhere. It can also make a lot of noise, so I recommend this place, not for families, but for party animals.

Best Area To Stay In Dublin Ireland

Tip: If you’re wondering where to stay during the Dublin race, this is the place to be. Approaching the start and finish line! Bring it in advance!

Best Places To Stay In Dublin

Stephen’s Green and Grafton Street in Dublin combine a quiet park with plenty of shopping. St. Stephen’s Green is a quiet park in the city and Grafton Street is full of favorite shops and street music.

The area around Grafton Road, which is the road that runs north from the green and towards the river, is a very affluent area, so it’s one of the safest places to live in Dublin! Please note that this area does not have accommodation for this purpose.

All of these areas are about a 15 minute walk from the city center, so it’s great if you decide to stay there!

While you’re here, don’t forget to stop by the Little Museum of Dublin, which showcases the city’s history and gems you won’t find anywhere else! There’s also a cute little cafe in the basement, so you can stop in after exploring the museum!

Of The Best Pubs In Dublin To Visit On Your Next Trip

Portobello, on the south side of the city, is one of the prettiest areas in Dublin and is quieter and calmer than places like Temple Bar.

However, the neighborhood is brighter, and you’ll be close to many shops and restaurants, as well as green spaces and museums.

And the hustle and bustle of Temple Bar is only a 15 minute walk (or bus every 2 minutes).

Best Area To Stay In Dublin Ireland

The area is very popular with local families and young people. It makes it perfect for families to visit and a great place for couples to stay!

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Here you will find the Irish Jewish Museum, where you can learn about Irish Jewish history. And the beautiful Iveagh Gardens is the perfect place for a family outing!

There is nothing more beautiful than taking a leisurely stroll through the city streets and stopping at a beautiful square to have lunch with the whole family.

Merrion Square Park and Fitzwilliam Square neighborhoods are ideal for those looking to live in a beautiful city. Definitely my favorite place in town!

The area has beautiful cobblestone streets, beautiful parks, brick buildings, Georgian architecture, great museums and many art galleries and museums.

Dublin’s Temple Bar District

All this makes it a great place for couples and families! He is quiet, but alive and happy.

Among the attractions in the area is the National Museum of Ireland, and next door you’ll find the impressive National Archaeological Museum, so it’s a great place for history and culture lovers.

Liberties is perfect for young people and history buffs! The space blends old and new. Plus, it’s home to famous bars and traditional restaurants!

Best Area To Stay In Dublin Ireland

It is home to famous distilleries including the Guinness Storehouse and Tilling Whiskey Distillery.

The Best Neighborhoods In Dublin

Don’t leave the area before visiting Dublin’s oldest pub, The Brazen Head.

Smithfield is located north of the River Liffey and would be my recommendation for those who want to be close to the hustle and bustle while still being in a quiet area.

The Smithfield area is only 10 minutes’ walk from the city center and the main attractions of Temple Bar. The city still has a lot to offer!

One of the best things to do in the area is the Jameson Distillery and Museum, where you can learn more about whiskey and the whole distilling process, so make sure you don’t miss it!

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Docklands is the perfect destination for luxury travelers and city lovers who want to be surrounded by skyscrapers and modern buildings.

The biggest event in the area is a luxury hotel with modern architecture and great location!

Just 300 years ago, most of Dockland’s hills were under water! Now, it is a thriving, progressive community.

Best Area To Stay In Dublin Ireland

One thing to keep in mind is that this is a commercial area, so there is a lot of traffic during the day.

Where To Stay In Dublin — Laidback Trip

It is quieter at night, less crowded and has more restaurants than other parts of the city. However, you will have all the major attractions and interesting restaurants just 20 minutes away!

Note: Unfortunately, as Docklands is a very steep area, there are no accommodation options.

If you feel like a neighbor living in a mid-rise apartment, I’ve got you covered!

Here you have the perfect apartment in Dublin, where you have the freedom and privacy to enjoy the city as if you lived there.

Where To Stay In Dublin (best Places & Areas In 2024)

If you are only in Dublin overnight and want to catch a flight tomorrow morning.

The best place to stay in Dublin for the first time is anywhere near O’Connell Street or Temple Bar, as these are the most central areas for tourists.

Yes! Dublin is a dense city and I highly recommend it if you are in the area. You will have everything within a 20 minute walk!

Best Area To Stay In Dublin Ireland

Dublin is a very safe city. That being said, be careful, especially around Pearce Street, O’Connell Street and the Liberties at night. In the city centre, Tallaght and Ballymun are more difficult.

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Many bars in Dublin have live music, but Temple Bar is the best! The restaurant there has live bands every night!

The best spots for couples are undoubtedly Portobello, Merrion Square Park and Fitzwilliam Square.

Of course, the Temple Bar area or O’Connell Street. You’ll be in the busiest part of town with almost all the tourist attractions and Irish restaurants!

Honestly, you can live in Dublin without a car. As you can see on our Dublin map, the city is small. You can reach any city by walking. For example, you can stay in the Temple Bar area without a car.

Best Areas To Live In Dublin

One of the largest Christmas markets is held at Dublin Castle. So Liberties, Temple Bar and Portobello are great options!

That’s it for today! This is the best place to stay in Dublin. Also amazing airport accommodation

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