Affordable Places To Stay In The Hamptons

Affordable Places To Stay In The Hamptons

Affordable Places To Stay In The Hamptons – Are you ready to dine with famous people and shop in the most expensive stores? Welcome to the Hamptons! A group of towns and cities on the east side of Long Island, New York.

Over the years it has gained fame as a top vacation destination for celebrities such as Jackie Kennedy, Brooke Shields and Jennifer Lopez. In addition, many film screenings make everyone want to spend the summer here and attend the Classic Horse Show. I’m definitely one of them and I’m sure you are too!

Affordable Places To Stay In The Hamptons

The Hamptons has something for everyone! You don’t have to be an A-list superstar to get here. Many families, sports enthusiasts, and history buffs come here to visit the state parks, surf, or see old buildings!

The Best New Things To Do In The Hamptons For Summer 2023

The Hamptons screams vacation and relaxation guaranteed, and I’m sure you’ll love it here! Especially after reading my latest guide to where to stay in the Hamptons, carefully curated with the best hotels and Airbnbs, hehe! 😉

The most important thing is to book them in advance, it is important to know that places here are often booked months in advance and good deals will disappear in a second!

Summary If you are stuck. East Hampton – Where to live in the Hamptons for the first time2. Montauk is the perfect place for family and outdoor activities3. Southampton – The Hamptons’ Best Neighborhood for Luxury Hamptons Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a map to help you see the differences between the Hamptons we’ll be talking about in this post:

The Hamptons Guide

This beautiful village (also known as the East End) is east of South Harbor but west of Montauk and Amagansett. It is the perfect vacation spot for many singers, actors and actresses. Long Island is also known as Soho, and in addition to the old American village feel, there are many restaurants, shops, and not to forget the beautiful beaches.

The high street is where you will shop till you drop! The street is full of cute local shops waiting for your next restaurant in the village, plus you’ll have the opportunity to buy some nice souvenirs. However, the place has a good view and is good.

Now we all know that the beaches of the Hamptons are famous! There are five beaches on the east end and remember if you visit between May and September, parking is only allowed, so you’re better off walking or cycling to the beach!

Affordable Places To Stay In The Hamptons

My favorites are Main Beach and Two Mile Hollow Beach. The main beach is the most popular place in this town, as it has sunbathing areas, some local bars and beautiful sand. Two Mile Hollow Beach is also friendly but a bit quieter than the main beach.

Where Are The Hamptons And Why Are They So Popular?

I love the atmosphere of this place, it just screams: relaxation! The hotel has a classic but modern design. The outdoor pool is perfect for a sunset or night swim. You can drink your morning coffee in the garden during the hot summer and enjoy the show! The rooms are so cozy and perfect for your dream vacation!

Relax in the garden of this large villa with three swimming pools, a private beach and an art studio

Family hotel with a balcony in every room, children’s playground, swimming pool and tennis court.

We know the Hamptons is one of the most luxurious vacation spots in the United States and these hotels are often booked, so here are some more mid-range to luxury hotels below:

It’s A Buyers’ Market For Property In The Hamptons

Located on the east coast of the Hamptons and accessible from the Montauk Freeway, this town attracts tourists because there are so many of them! The city is home to six state parks, all of which offer great activities such as hiking, biking and fishing.

Let’s not forget that Montauk is world famous for its seafood. Whether you decide to visit them all or just a few, each state park has something special to offer each year.

At Montauk Point State Park, you’ll find beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean. The Hills here is where everyone goes for great dining areas and fireplaces, plus a great beach! If you like to travel, New York is not far, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit or see this beautiful city!

Affordable Places To Stay In The Hamptons

I’m sure families will love coming here because there are some great activities for the kids to try and maybe even hang out with other little guests! Of course, we also have beaches in Montauk. All surfers should come here because the waves are amazing, Deep Plains is a great place for beach or other water sports!

Best Areas Where To Stay In The Hamptons

There are also great hotels here, especially if you’re traveling between May and September, when everyone seems to be visiting the South Fork Peninsula. Let’s see:

If you’ve ever wanted to live by the beach, this is your place! Bohemian luxury hotel with spa and restaurant on site. Start your day with the best view of the ocean, drink your coffee and jump into the pool or ocean. You choose!

It has a classic design and has a health center, restaurant and family room

Enjoy a relaxing holiday in this beautiful town with pool and garden

The Best Boutique Hotels In The Hamptons

As I have said many times, the Hamptons are going out fast! So, if the above spots aren’t for you, here are some of the best mid-range luxury hotels in Montauk, listed from price to top:

If you’ve decided to take a break from life, this is the place for you, my friend! Located near Bridgehampton and 20 miles from South Port, Southampton is the crème de la crème of the Hamptons – where you’ll find mansions and boutiques around every corner.

Needless to say, this is a favorite spot for all celebrities, especially during the summer when all the clubs are open and everyone spends the night drinking expensive alcohol.

Affordable Places To Stay In The Hamptons

All the high end shops are on Main Street and Job Road, so if you’re looking for a cool ‘Hamptons look’ you’ll find great clothes here.

The Hamptons Hotels: Compare Hotels In The Hamptons From $7/night On Kayak

Beach time is also my favorite time and I’m sure all you want to do on a hot summer day is be in the water and swim all day. Coopers Beach is the most popular of Southampton’s beaches and you’ll find sunbeds, umbrellas and showers, perfect for families! Some beaches are residents only, so check online before going anywhere else.

This beautiful hotel looks like old villas from years ago and the design makes you feel at home! You can drink tea in the hotel and definitely have breakfast! It’s delicious! Although located in South Hampton, it’s a 20 minute drive from Southampton city centre, but this lovely hotel is definitely worth it!

Swim every day in the hotel’s beautiful pool with its beautiful garden and tennis courts

The apartment is in a real house with breakfast, balcony and close to shops

Why Fall Is The Best Time To Visit The Hamptons And Where To Eat With An Ocean View In Montauk

Here are some better options for those who missed my pick above, listed from high to low:

Yes, the Hamptons is worth a visit, especially from May to September. The beaches here are beautiful, and there are many art galleries, historic sites, and state parks that offer great activities.

East of South Harbor, East Hampton is the best place to stay in town, with shops and hotels like Journey East Hampton and East Hampton House Resort.

Affordable Places To Stay In The Hamptons

You can tour East Hampton or stay at the Maidstone Hotel in East Hampton, a beautiful village between Montauk and Amagansett.

Best Towns And Villages In The Hamptons

East Hampton House Resort and Hamlet Inn is one of the best hotels in the Hamptons.

East Hampton is often considered the best of the Hamptons because of its charming countryside, family-friendly beaches, and plenty of activities for everyone.

Southampton stands out for its charm, while East Hampton has the most charm that captures the unique beaches of the Hamptons on the east side of Long Island.

Southampton is often considered the best Hampton city for couples

What To Do In The Hamptons—from Art Galleries To Tinned Fish Dinners

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