Where To Stay In Fairbanks To See Northern Lights

Where To Stay In Fairbanks To See Northern Lights

Where To Stay In Fairbanks To See Northern Lights – Under the veil of darkness, the northern lights, like magic, appear and dance across the sky. Do you dream of seeing the alluring northern lights? Do you want to watch the aurora make its way across the sky like a lazy river or burst overhead with red and green shards?

Aurora season in Fairbanks, Alaska runs from August 21 to April 21 and includes all four seasons and nine months of the year. Plan your trip in late August and the first half of September to enjoy summer activities and attractions during the day and chase the Northern Lights at night. The fall season reveals brighter fall colors and milder weather. Winter expeditions offer long nights, a dazzling snowy backdrop and unbeatable activities such as dog sledding and carving giant ice blocks. Finally, spring is a joyful time that offers wintry landscapes along with warmer temperatures.

Where To Stay In Fairbanks To See Northern Lights

We invite you to take advantage of this list and start planning your extraordinary trip to see the Northern Lights in Fairbanks now.

You Can Now See The Northern Lights On A Budget

Fairbanks is a world-renowned aurora viewing destination for its location just below the “Aurora Oval,” where the Northern Lights activity is concentrated. Because of the city’s ideal location, the renowned Geophysical Institute is located at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and monitors the geomagnetic energy that predicts aurora activity each day.

If you stay in Fairbanks for at least three nights and actively watch each night, you have a 90% chance of seeing the aurora. We suggest four to five nights as the ideal time to explore the skies in search of the Northern Lights.

Many die-hards chase the aurora from 10pm to 3am, and you should too. It is also possible to see the lights earlier in the evening or in the morning. For the best chance, pull an all-nighter.

The key to seeing the aurora is clear skies. Fortunately, Fairbanks receives little rain, which leads to many clear nights during Aurora season. Be aware that the weather can change quickly and the sky can open up unexpectedly to reveal a whimsical aurora cutting across the sky.

Northern Lights In Alaska Guide: The Best Place To See The Aurora Borealis

You can see the aurora from downtown Fairbanks, Creamer’s Field, or anywhere nearby. However, city lights will reduce vitality. In general, the small town of Fairbanks doesn’t generate much light pollution, but to really “POP” the Northern Lights it’s best to travel a few miles.

We recommend taking a detour to chase the aurora or reserve an indoor viewing spot and wait for the lights to appear. It’s great if you’re comfortable going out on your own, but it’s also smart to stick with experts. Use the Explore Fairbanks website to find local businesses that can help you see the Northern Lights.

The Aurora Tracker on the Explore Fairbanks website combines aurora data from the Geophysical Institute, weather forecasts from six locations, the amount of darkness and a three-day forecast. There are other useful apps that use more detailed calculations, but Tracker is a great basic tool for predicting when the northern lights might appear in the sky.

Where To Stay In Fairbanks To See Northern Lights

Don’t let your Aurora dreams come true. Fingers crossed (but no guarantees) that you’ll be lucky with these seven tips. If you use Fairbanks as your base camp, you can literally go in any direction and pick your location to view the aurora. Choose a mountain top, a lake, a desert road, a hot spring, or a dog sled basket. Or choose a cozy lodge, a rustic yurt, a modern igloo, a classic log cabin or a well-equipped aurora viewing area.

A Night To Remember

Come to Fairbanks and stand outside with your eyes turned to the night sky. Let the light of the Northern Lights excite your senses and soothe your soul.

A winter visit to Fairbanks offers some of the best possible conditions for viewing the northern lights, or northern lights. Use this six-day itinerary to enjoy the best of Fairbanks in winter,…

As Alaska’s second largest city, Fairbanks is a bustling year-round destination known as the “City of Golden Hearts.” It is also used as a jumping off point for spectacular destinations such as Denali…

Presented by Explore Fairbanks Fairbanks is truly Aurora City. People come from all over the world to chase the aurora in Fairbanks and the Far North. Includes all four seasons and…

Chasing The Northern Lights In Alaska

Where will your Alaska adventure take you? Order our official Alaska State Vacation Planner and plot your course. If you click, book or buy from one of these links, I may earn a commission. Read more in my privacy policy.

Fairbanks is also called Alaska’s Heart of Gold, due to its Gold Rush era roots, but it also earns the nickname by charming visitors with incredible scenery and fascinating things to do .

I’ll be completely honest, though: I didn’t visit Fairbanks very often growing up in Alaska, perhaps because it’s about 350 miles and almost a six-hour drive from my hometown. Now that I’m older and traveling to Alaska more often, I’ve been lucky enough to visit Fairbanks a few times over the past few years, including a little earlier.

Where To Stay In Fairbanks To See Northern Lights

Started in February 2020 and again in August 2021. I have seen Fairbanks in both summer and winter, and has a place in

Northern Lights Viewing Experience In Fairbanks Alaska

If your Alaska itinerary will take you inland, you may be wondering where to stay in Fairbanks. After all, Fairbanks is one of Alaska’s three largest cities, which means you have a lot more lodging options here than elsewhere. How do you choose between familiar places and a rustic or unusual stay? While I can’t give you any recommendations, I do have a list of the best hotels in Fairbanks that I’ve found during my travels and research.

Below are seven great places to stay in Fairbanks, covering a variety of lodging styles and budgets. From family-run accommodations to eco-friendly bubble domes to fully-equipped suites, this is the place to stay in Fairbanks, according to an Alaskan (me!).

In this post, I promote a trip to a destination that is the traditional land of the Tanana people. With respect, I give formal recognition to the country and express my respect and admiration for the past and present people of these countries. To learn more about the peoples who call these lands home, I invite you to explore Patrija.

The epitome of beauty, nature and hospitality, A Taste of Alaska Lodge is one of my favorite hotels in Fairbanks and my top recommendation when people ask me where to stay in Fairbanks.

Experience The Northern Lights From Alaska

The hostel is on a huge piece of land at the end of the road. One of the things I love about A Taste of Alaska is how its owners represent the people of Alaska, as rugged, generous frontier families and progressive entrepreneurship at its best.

The hosts Kori, Debbie and Dave are wonderful. You will enjoy chatting with Debbie over breakfast each morning about the lodge, Fairbanks and tips for seeing the Northern Lights.

The entire property is cozy and comfortable and makes you feel like you’re staying at a friend/relative’s cottage. There are six lodging options, all designed and built by a family member: The Cottage, The Log House (built from logs on the property), The Spruce House, Main Lodge Room, East Lodge Suite and West Lodge suite

Where To Stay In Fairbanks To See Northern Lights

Taste of Alaska is also a popular spot for travelers looking for the Northern Lights. The property has an aurora warning system that is activated by owners or guests if the lights go out and dance in the sky. They also run Aurora Pointe, a public aurora viewing spot that even non-invited guests can visit.

How To See The Northern Lights In Fairbanks, Alaska

If you can afford to splurge when visiting Alaska, Aurora Villa should be on your radar when looking for hotels in Fairbanks.

Located on a hill, Aurora Villa has a luxurious Nordic style and only has seven rooms, so it really feels like a very exclusive place. Rooms start at $580 and that price is reflected in the view you get. Thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows, you rarely have to leave your room to appreciate the valley and the northern lights. However, the best selling point of Villa Aurora is the common room. This area is probably the best vantage point from which to enjoy the Aurora Borealis dance.

Alaska has also embraced the concept of glamping, opening luxury tents, igloos and yurts that blur the line between nature and people everywhere. I mean, with all this natural beauty around it makes sense, right?

Borealis Basecamp is the perfect choice to stay in Fairbanks if you want to get closer to the Alaskan wilderness. The property offers igloos and the recently added East Village Camp Cubes to its portfolio of accommodations.

Fairbanks Northern Lights Tour

Being in one of their igloos is a magical experience. The igloos are located in the arctic hills and have plexiglass views open to the north so you can see the lights from the comfort of your bed. Borealis Basecamp offers two, three and four day packages that include a variety of excursions to fill your days.

Chena Hot Springs Resort is one of the most popular places to stay in Fairbanks, although you’re sure to hear mixed reviews. I stayed here during February 2020

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