Where To Go In France Besides Paris

Where To Go In France Besides Paris

Where To Go In France Besides Paris – Planning a trip to France? Looking for a top city to visit (it’s not Paris!) Here are 10 of the best cities in France – and why you should plan a trip to see them.

The short answer is that wherever you go, you will find something to enjoy. But, to help you better plan your French trip, we’ve compiled a list of the best cities in France (besides Paris!) to visit for a weekend or longer. If you want more information about different parts of France, check out these France road trip ideas (and interesting places to see)

Where To Go In France Besides Paris

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Discover The City Of Paris

Here is a map of the top 10 cities in France mentioned in this article, so you can easily find them and start planning your trip to France.

Don’t forget, if you’re traveling in France, you can combine many of these cities for a French trip, and if you’re looking for a bit of history, here are 7 of the best historical sites in France.

So, now that you know where they are – let’s talk about why you should include these cities in your trip to France. Of course, there are many (many!) towns and cities to explore – these are just 10 of our favourites.

Nice is one of the most famous cities in France. One of the most touristic cities on the Côte d’Azur, the city is home to artists such as Matisse and Chagall.

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With art, beaches and beautiful mountains surrounding the city, Nice is considered one of the best places to live in France – ideal for anyone looking for the city’s rich tradition.

If you want to visit Nice at its best, don’t go during the summer season from June to September. Prices will go up and cities will be full all over France during the high season. For this reason, May is a good month to visit Nice. You will have better weather, less people and more competitive prices. Nice is also one of the best European cities to visit in winter, so consider it an option.

A great place for a weekend break, it’s a small town and you can explore the main attractions in two or three days.

Where To Go In France Besides Paris

Great location for a trip to Menton for the lemon festival or other places on the French Riviera.

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Top Tip- If you are coming to Nice by car or motorbike, make sure your French itinerary includes crossing the Millau Bridge. It’s expensive (especially with the motorbike) but everyone should ride it at least once! 🙂

One of the best places to visit in France is Colmar, a place in the beautiful French Alsace. In Colmar, France you have a charming and picturesque town, known for its delicious Alsatian cuisine, half-timbered houses and excellent wines.

When you visit Colmar, you will see how different the culture of France is. In the Alsace region, the dialects are distinct and many aspects of the language and culture reflect German and French influence. The area has changed throughout history and is home to a collection of fortified cities over the centuries. The food scene reflects the best of German and French cooking with hearty German-style dishes prepared to French standards.

Colmar is also famous for its brightly colored houses and medieval town centre. Walking in Colmar feels like going back in time or in a fantastic fairy tale. One of the best places in the city to experience this is La Petite Venice, a beautiful building by the canals of Colmar. You can book a gondola through the waterways for the full experience.

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The whole area is famous for its vineyards and a good wine tasting is a must for any trip to Colmar. Many wine bars will offer free, informal tastings when you enter their stores in Colmar, or you can arrange wine tastings at locations around town. Colmar is a perfect base for exploring nearby towns and small wineries in southern Alsace.

If you go anywhere near the French Alps, someone will tell you to visit Annecy. And they are true.

This small but beautiful town is located on the shores of Lake Annecy and is surrounded by impressive mountains.

Where To Go In France Besides Paris

However – if you’re traveling through France by motorbike, don’t come to Annecy without booking a campsite. We did – and camping in France or finding a plane in France was one of the hardest places we’ve ever been.

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Also, don’t fly your drone over a lake unless you’re prepared to lose it – a sudden storm blew our drone out of the air and into the lake. It was such a shame – you can watch the video here and learn about other mistakes you shouldn’t make in Annecy!

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Biarritz is a city in the autonomous region of France. Built on the Atlantic Ocean, Biarritz was once a port for pirates and corsairs, but tourists and locals go to surf, relax in spas, enjoy the summer sun on the beach, and try great Basque cuisine!

The city center is relatively small and can be easily visited. The best thing to do is to walk along the main beach of the Côte des Basques to the northernmost lighthouse. Then you can see an incredible sunset over the sea.

Montpellier France June 24 2023 Traditional Stock Photo 2323043257

The surfing here is great and so are the beautiful beaches. It is a mecca for surfers, so the atmosphere is great. If you​​​​​​are on a bus, it can be difficult to get here to base camp, so expect a camp.

The best time to visit is September or October – the sea is warm, but the crowds go away in the summer. (Here are more great places to visit in Europe in October.)

Bayeritz is only 15 minutes from Bayonne where most national trains stop, but is easily accessible by road. There is plenty of parking in the city, but at weekends, and often in the summer months, Biarritz is busy and it is difficult to find a free parking space. Finding a good parking spot often requires prior visits.

Where To Go In France Besides Paris

Biarritz is a lovely weekend destination, but also a perfect base for exploring the French side of the Basque Country. It is easy to take a train journey from the city to the coast or the countryside and the Pyrenees.

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Located in the southwest of France, Toulouse is one of the most beautiful cities in France and yet it is underrated! Nicknamed the Pink City (“La Ville Rose”), it has many beautiful pink buildings!

Toulouse is easily accessible by train or plane. If you are driving and want to see more of France, the best way is to park for free at one of the metro stations. Then you can take public transport. The city center is relatively small and compact, which makes it easy to get around – without large vehicles such as motohomes!

Spending a weekend here is worth it because you will find many things to do in Toulouse and it offers a great night life.

You can start your tour at the capital, Central Square. Then you can go to La Daurade and enjoy a walk along the Garonne river. The view of the city and the river is amazing! It is also a great place to enjoy walking. You can make a loop from La Dourade to Saint Pierre and Saint Cyprian.

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If you like shopping, the districts of St Georges and Carmes will be your paradise! Finally, if you want to experience typical French cuisine, go to Esquirol or Rue du Tour. There are many restaurants and bars that serve cassoulet, crepes and duck confit!

Toulouse is in the south of France, which means it can be hot in the summer, so the best time to go is May, June or September. You need to get a nice and comfortable weather and avoid the hassle of crowds.

Cannes is often called the ‘city of glamour’ and is one of the most memorable cities in France. Not only for the international film festival, where world-famous stars walk the red carpet in Cannes every year in May, but for the beauty of the place.

Where To Go In France Besides Paris

You can visit Cannes from spring to autumn – even if you come here in the sun, you should definitely do it in summer. Avoid the month of May if you want to avoid the film festival crowds and high prices.

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Cannes can easily be visited in a day trip

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