What To Do In Old San Juan Puerto Rico

What To Do In Old San Juan Puerto Rico

What To Do In Old San Juan Puerto Rico – Visiting Puerto Rico? One of the attractions of any tourist on the island is to experience Old San Juan, a historic district that dates back to 1509, when the Spanish arrived here.

The most famous attraction in the area is undoubtedly the Castillo San Cristobal, a fortress built in 1783 by the Spanish to protect the city. Even if you have to visit this place, it’s worth checking out the other great things that Old San Juan has to offer.

What To Do In Old San Juan Puerto Rico

One of the attractions of historic Old San Juan is the Spanish colonial architecture in pastel colors along with peaceful places. It is the second oldest city in America, and a stroll through its cobblestone streets gives you a glimpse of the island’s past and present.

Old San Juan Vacations Tours And Trip

The slow pace of island life is combined with well-preserved history, so don’t feel guilty if you grab a Señor Paleta ice cream (don’t forget the strawberry cheesecake!) and just enjoy the sun.

The most important places are the Plaza de San Jose, where you can see the statue of Juan Ponce de León; the bustling Plaza De Armas with its murals and occasional live performances; Plaza Colon, which honors Christopher Columbus; and the beach at Plaza Dársenas.

There is no shortage of art offerings in Old San Juan, such as the Botello Gallery. If you’re really looking for inspiration, the poetry aisle is half cafe, half poetry section, with inspirational boards covering every shelf and wall. On Tuesdays at 7pm, they host open mic poetry nights in a cool space full of seating.

When you visit Old San Juan, you don’t need a drink plan; About every two meters there is another bar – many with outdoor seating – offering cheap cocktails and two-for-one glasses of sangria.

Fun Things To Do In Old San Juan

However, if you are looking for a unique absorption experience, you will need to have a plan. For beer lovers, La Taberna Lúpulo is a beer paradise. Inside, you’ll find locals and visitors braving the heat and drinking Bell and Victory beers for hours, although you can also opt for one of the beer cocktails.

Tip: Perla Punch is unique, a combination of fruit juice, lime and coconut rum, and beer. Another cocktail destination, Bar-style La Factoria is a place where creative libations and live music meet.

With so many great restaurants – local and international – it can be hard to decide where to eat. Since Old San Juan is steeped in history and culture, it’s worth choosing authentic local food.

What To Do In Old San Juan Puerto Rico

At Deaverdura, you can listen to Latin music in a lively area decorated with lime green. A bar lined with coconut adds to the meal. There is no paper list; Instead, the server will read the offerings – fried chicken, pork chops, fresh catch, roast pork,

The Ultimate Guide To Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Wherever you travel, try to be environmentally friendly and support the community you live in. Fortunately, Old San Juan offers several ways to do just that. If you’re looking for a unique souvenir at an affordable price, visit the Artisan Corner. Everything from wine-infused candles to pineapple coffee to handmade soaps are made by artisans in Puerto Rico.

Another suggestion: Café Cuatro Sombras. Here you can order at the table or in the cafe, sit in the rustic cafe or in the backyard with vines. Whatever atmosphere you’re looking for, your cup will be filled with 100% Puerto Rican coffee.

Say goodbye to cheap key chains: you can even buy a bag to take home as a local souvenir.

Marriott International recently invited a group of travel bloggers to visit Puerto Rico to capture some of the island’s amazing sights. The #PuertoRicoNoFilter campaign encourages bloggers to create unedited photos of Puerto Rico’s natural beauty, because Puerto Rico is so beautiful it doesn’t need a filter.

Hours In San Juan

Jessie Festa of Jessie on a Journey took the challenge and was also able to experience some of the historical attractions of San Juan. We spent a day exploring Old San Juan, Puerto Rico to find the best things to do in the old town. We started at one of the farthest points of the city, an old castle called Castillo San Felipe del Morro. We then walked towards the city and arrived at the beautiful courtyard of the Museo de las Américas. Then we went to Paseo de la Princesa, a promenade filled with Sunday vendors and even salsa dancers. Then we went up the street to find the famous umbrellas of Fortaleza Street. Finally, we decided to try a famous Puerto Rican drink (you may have heard of it!).

Today we visited Old San Juan in Puerto Rico. We start from the farthest point, i.e. the castle, so we are in the main part of the area. Behind it was the main castle and a large area where people used to fly. This place is called Castillo San Felipe del Morro. As we walked we were impressed that this site dates back to the 16th century. This is probably one of the oldest parts of the old city, but the city itself dates back to 1521 and we read that it is the second oldest European settlement in the Americas, only Santo Domingo. of the Dominican Republic. We didn’t actually go inside the castle, but it’s worth a visit just for the view.

Pro tip: be prepared to walk around this city! We saw beautiful steep mountains. We walked an hour and a half from the new part of San Juan itself to get here, and it was a very hot day!

What To Do In Old San Juan Puerto Rico

After visiting the castle, we went to the city and saw a beautiful square that reminded us a little of the south of Spain. The building is part of the Museo de las Américas, but you don’t have to pay to enter the museum and see it. We came to see if we could get in and found out we could. This square was very beautiful and reminded us of many places we visited in Seville, Spain.

Amazing Things To Do In Old San Juan

Pro tip: This city is so beautiful that if you’re looking for great Instagram spots you’ll find colorful places and buildings everywhere, in fact every color you can imagine.

After a few more walks, we decided to stop for an ice cold snack at Senor Paleta. This is a small but wonderful ice cream parlor. Expect a line, but it goes fast! They have many flavors in Paleta or Popsicles. This is a must visit in Old San Juan, especially if you want to chill.

Pro Tip: Never, ever travel without travel insurance! We often travel with SafetyWing (which we highly recommend). This is our favorite travel insurance because it’s easy to set up and use. It is perfect for long and short trips.

Our next stop was an area called Paseo de la Princesa. This is a walking tour. It’s usually quiet all weekend. But on Sunday all the vendors and everyone else are close. We saw everything from Churros to local bars and crafts. There will also be a big salsa dance party.

Best Things To Do In Old San Juan

At the end of the trail we discovered a very impressive waterfall. It’s a bit crazy that the water goes down and then it goes up and you’re really wet. However, it is very comfortable on a hot day. It reminds us of the fountain of Rome, but with less people.

A trip to Old San Juan is incomplete without seeing the umbrella street. If you go to Instagram you will see it everywhere. We were here last week and there were 10 or 15 other people. Today is Sunday, it’s a bit wild here, today we came mostly because we wanted to see what the busy days bring. There are many cruise ships in the port now, so this place is crowded now. If you are Monday through Wednesday, you are almost all the way.

It’s 4pm, thirty degrees and we’re still walking. We are looking for a popular drink in Puerto Rico. We went to the place where a very famous drink called Barrachina was invented. This place always seems busy. Apparently the guy who works here invented the Pina Colada cocktail. But he may have gone to work at the Carib Hilton, so they want to give credit to the drink as well. In the discussion about the produced bars, the Pina Colada actually comes from Puerto Rico and was created in the style of this restaurant. We ordered a Pina Colada and it arrived at our table. At first we were concerned because it is machine made and not handmade.

What To Do In Old San Juan Puerto Rico

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