What Are Some Fun Things To Do In Austin Texas

What Are Some Fun Things To Do In Austin Texas

What Are Some Fun Things To Do In Austin Texas – For many of us, fall is primarily about tradition. We have our little traditions, like enjoying a pumpkin spice latte at the beginning of the season, and our big family traditions, like celebrating Thanksgiving. These fun fall activities will help us get through the current pandemic and encourage many of us to rethink our fall traditions.

As cooler weather approaches and the leaves begin to fall, we’re thinking about what life during COVID means for our fall traditions and activities.

What Are Some Fun Things To Do In Austin Texas

The good news is that there are still plenty of fun things you can do at home! There are many ways we can connect and enjoy this time with our children. Even this autumn can be a good time to celebrate and have fun together.

Fun Things To Do At Home

You can host a scavenger hunt in your home, backyard, or neighborhood. There are many ways to do this! Here are some options:

Some of my favorite family memories involve movie nights. Our whole family loves fall, so we’re always looking for ways to celebrate it that allow us to get together as a family.

This year, you and the kids can enjoy family movie night on the couch or outside if you’re lucky enough to have a projector. For an amazing movie night with your kids, gather popcorn, candy, and their favorite movies.

If your kids are older, you can try fun character-based movies like Pirates of the Caribbean.

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Another way to celebrate the season and get the kids involved is to build a box maze in the backyard. You don’t need a cornfield or a lot of hay bales to make a fall maze fun.

Now is the perfect time to recycle all those Amazon boxes! You can use cardboard, leaves and recycled materials to make a super cool maze for the whole family.

Spend time together planning the maze. You might be surprised at some great ideas for your kids! Talk about how to make it work and have fun drawing your design on paper. Then start having fun learning STEM as you create a box maze together in your backyard.

What Are Some Fun Things To Do In Austin Texas

A box maze is a perfect activity for the fall holidays, but creating a maze for Halloween is especially fun! Don’t forget to use lots of twists, full of fun decorations, great lighting effects and Halloween soundtrack to create the perfect Halloween atmosphere.

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Speaking of building a maze for the fall holidays, why not take the time to decorate it for fall or Halloween. Preparing your home for this exciting holiday can be fun. Get the kids to help out and you’ll be right in the mood for fall fun.

Toddlers and preschoolers will love decorating windows with fun stickers, helping to put up pumpkins, and layering artificial bushes and spider webs. Older children can help plan, organize and decorate the space. You can create a theme for your fall decorations or simply choose different colorful decorations that everyone will love.

Our annual pumpkin carving contest is one of our favorite family Halloween traditions! This year too, you can hold a carving competition with your kids. Whether you’re picking pumpkins at the patch or at the grocery store, a carving contest is a great way to celebrate this year with your kids.

Your kids can choose a design to cut out and you can rate the results, or give it to younger kids and let them draw their own silly faces. Then you cut according to their design. The result will definitely be a special and unique design, yours alone!

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We’re giving away prizes for the most elaborate design, the silliest pumpkin, and the scariest pumpkin. I try to make sure that every child gets a sweet chocolate reward. How much does it cost you to decorate a pumpkin?

Autumn is the perfect time to get out and enjoy the outdoors with the kids. Hiking is a great way to stay active, exercise and explore nature while keeping your distance from others.

Be sure to plan at least some autumn trips for late October, when most of the leaves have already fallen. This is the perfect time to take your kids for a walk in the forest as they will see a lot more.

What Are Some Fun Things To Do In Austin Texas

Campfire snacks and roasted marshmallows are fall favorites for the whole family! Gather around a campfire, bonfire, or marshmallow roaster like this one

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This is the perfect time to talk and reconnect as a family. You can spend time telling jokes, taking turns making up scary stories, or debating how to make the perfect marshmallow. I like my cake to be nicely browned on the outside and melty on the inside. Delicious!

As Thanksgiving approaches, an ideal home activity for your kids this year is to explore gratitude together as a family. A fun way to share what you are grateful for is to create a gratitude tree.

Spend time brainstorming about the people, things, and blessings you can be grateful for this year, individually and as a family. Then write down everything you are grateful for. Attach each thank you note to a paper tree or found branch.

You can cut autumn leaves from construction paper or use real leaves. The most beautiful gratitude tree we have ever created was made from large magnolia leaves that we collected. We used metal permanent markers to write words of gratitude and then attached them to large branches we found on our walk.

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This created a beautiful fall decoration for our dining room wall that everyone was talking about at Thanksgiving.

Cooking a Thanksgiving meal is a family event that can last several days. Involving children in this process can help. Plus, it’s a great way to make new memories in the kitchen this fall.

Teaching children to cook will help them learn many important skills while building confidence and encouraging independence. Even very young children will enjoy measuring, mixing and washing vegetables. Choose kid-friendly recipes or teach them valuable family recipes. It’s the perfect way to pass the torch and share the story behind the dishes that always grace your family’s Thanksgiving table.

What Are Some Fun Things To Do In Austin Texas

Football is a huge part of fall here in America. We may not be able to attend football games and tailgates this year, but we can recreate a similar experience at home.

Free + Fun Things To Do At Home

Get the whole family involved in a backyard soccer game. You can even plan some of your favorite fall foods for dinner.

So what’s the best way to plan a fall game? Agree that everyone plays and makes up the rules together. Then have fun! Friendly competition in the backyard can be a lot of fun, but this fall, make sure to spend more time enjoying each other and playing the game than keeping score.

Be sure to share how you plan to spend the season with your little one in the comments. I would also love to read about your fall memories and family traditions.

Research shows that you will also like the following ideas if you like them. I have collected them right here for you! Just because we’re stuck at home more these days doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! Here are 50 things you can do at home with your kids.

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1. Build a fort. My kids are obsessed with collecting all the pillows and cushions from around our house and building a big fort where they can hang out and sleep. I recommend letting your kids use old sheets that you don’t need. more so that you don’t lose your shit when an accident happens – because it will.

2. Mani/pedi: Anyone can have a spa day, especially today. Try safe brands like Piggy Paint for kids and Olive and June for moms.

3. board games. With children of all ages in my house, we play “Don’t Get Up, Daddy” a lot; Pardon!; Problem; The airport is busy, busy; Blockade; Uno; Exploding Kittens; Jenga; Backgammon; Life; Hint and Katan

What Are Some Fun Things To Do In Austin Texas

4. treasure hunt. Make a scavenger hunt around the house (or yard). Fill the plastic Easter eggs (yes, I know it’s early) with coins, stones (or anything else you can have 40-50 of) and hide them everywhere. Then drop all to find them. Come up with creative gifts to give to each child based on how many they find. By the way, regarding gifts, I believe that things like “alone time”, doing what your child wants, are better than things that you can reward them with.

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5. Bake. Muffins are a fun and easy activity to cook with kids. Sour Cream Coffee Cake, Spinach Muffins, or Flourless Pumpkin Chocolate Muffins (which my kids love) are just a few suggestions, but if you want more recipe ideas, there are more! Also check out this adorable apron from Hedley&Bennett. My children feel like professional chefs

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