Things To Do Near Broadway Nashville Tn

Things To Do Near Broadway Nashville Tn

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Music City (aka Nashville) seems to have it all. There is live music most hours of the day, great places to hang out and relax, and history that goes back to the early days of America. And don’t forget the amazing food! We spent a lot of time exploring the city and learning about all the great things to do in Nashville, Tennessee.

Things To Do Near Broadway Nashville Tn

Whether you want to drink it at a rooftop bar on Broadway, relax with acoustic music at night or explore the city’s quaint side, there’s plenty to choose from. From discovering cool street art to exploring the city’s museums, we’ve got you covered.

Unique Things To Do In Nashville, Tn

Trying hot chicken is at the top of your Nashville must-do list. Juicy meat is cleaned, cleaned and boiled. But the last two steps separate it from other fried chickens.

Before serving, red hot sauce is added to the hot chicken before it is well placed between the white bread and the selected chips. Depending on your preference, the sauce can vary from mild to sweet-ish-spicy. Add black-eyed peas, baked beans, french fries, or pimento mac and cheese, and you’re good to go.

Prince’s Hot Chicken is a Nashville staple to try for hot chicken. They’ve been making it fun and delicious for over 80 years. Bolton is also highly recommended. My favorite is Hattie B’s, which has quickly become a local staple.

Centennial Park is home to a full-scale replica of the Parthenon, originally built in 1897. Now an art museum, it has a collection of paintings by American artists of the 19th and 20th centuries and provides space for temporary exhibitions.

Best Things To Do In Nashville

The centerpiece of the building is a 42 meter tall statue of Athena covered in gold leaf, just like the one on the Parthenon in Athens. Not an expected sight in the American South.

See the Parthenon and other sights the easy way on a half-day city tour or a 2.5-hour Segway tour. To do things at your own pace, a high jump trolley is the best option.

On our first trip to the city, a Nashville resident told us that the only honky-tonk on Broadway the locals go to is Robert West Country. We can’t confirm it, but work has forced us to change our plans and go to a place with shoes and a guitar name.

Things To Do Near Broadway Nashville Tn

Honky Tonic has no cover charge, so you can grab a seat, a house specialty, a toasted bologna sandwich, and pay for whatever you want while the band goes through the tip jar. Live bands play throughout the day, providing a great sound for patrons lining the two steps in front of the stage.

Nashville Girl’s Weekend: The Ultimate Guide

Classic country tunes give the place a cool but fun atmosphere if you want to have a good time without feeling like you’re in the middle of a rock concert. You can’t have an experience like this anywhere else, which makes seeing the world of Robert West one of our favorite things to do in Nashville.

Pinewood Social is… well, it’s almost impossible to find a short phrase to describe this unique, talented place. A restaurant, cafe, bowling alley, outdoor oasis and workspace all rolled into one, Pinewood Social caters to every need morning, afternoon and night. This is one of the best places to visit in Nashville.

Pinewood Social is a great place to grab a cup of coffee and get some work done during the day before heading to the pool and enjoying dinner and cocktails in the evening. And don’t forget bocce ball.

If we lived in Nashville, we would stay here. Instead, we’ll settle for grits and crisps on each visit.

Best Things To Do For Couples In Nashville

The Hermitage Hotel is one of the best places to stay in the Music City. The over 100-year-old hotel welcomes everyone to its well-appointed rooms (seen by Keith Urban during our visit).

The accommodation is amazing and the food is delicious, but one of the most unusual reasons to visit the Hermitage Hotel is the Art Deco men’s bathroom. Located near the hotel entrance, it is often considered the best bathroom in America.

The master bedroom is decorated with light green and black glass tiles and green accessories. If you’re in that mood, you can stop for a moment at the two-seater shoe stand that greets you as you walk in the door. It has now become so popular that the toilet is open to women. and photographs. A visit here is one of the best free things to do in Nashville.

Things To Do Near Broadway Nashville Tn

In Marathon Village, a former auto factory has been transformed into a thriving shopping and creative community in the North Gulch area. There are art studios, galleries, home decor and gift shops. You’ll find human archeology on the History Channel

Cheap And Free Things To Do In Nashville, Tennessee

The restoration of the building was a decades-long endeavor, resulting in a modern historical site. The open spaces throughout the building have old fittings and panels from the original factory that describe the grandeur of the building’s past.

Nashville is full of street art. Hidden in streets, under bridges, in parking lots, murals and artifacts appear everywhere. Finding them in the city is like hunting on the corner. Fortunately, you never have to look too far.

One of the town’s most famous paintings is Kelsey Montag’s “What Lifts Wings,” which can be found in the Gulch. There is also a painted line on the road showing people where to wait patiently for a photo. When you’re done there, head south on 11th Avenue to see what other walls you can find.

Beyond the Gulch, the Germantown area and East Nashville have plenty of street art. Wander around Wirthan Lofts or walk down Gallatin Pike to see the ever-changing canvas.

Music City Bucket List: 25+ Best Things To Do In Nashville

Loveless Cafe in southwest Nashville, Tennessee is a destination for Southern cooking. It’s known for everything heavenly, from country ham to red-eye gravy, and especially its all-day breakfast. But what people flock to almost every day of the week is Loveless Cafe’s cookies.

Soft pillows of love, served with homemade ingredients, of course, accompany almost everything on the menu. That’s because they’re delicious and rival grandma’s Southern cooking. Everyday bags made from scratch are worth the 25-minute drive out of town.

There’s no shortage of great music in Nashville, but the bars and sounds, especially downtown, can be a little crazy. If you’re looking for a cool atmosphere, check out one of the venues with upcoming musicians.

Things To Do Near Broadway Nashville Tn

The Bluebird Cafe is a classroom. It’s very popular and even their open mic nights sell out faster than Music City. Aptly named, The Listening Room Cafe is the perfect destination for both new songs and hits from top artists. They also serve good food and have valet parking. This is a great place for a night out.

Fun Things To Do In Nashville In Fall

Take nuts, caramel, and marshmallows and dip them in milk chocolate, and you have the perfect candy: goo goo candy. Invented in 1912, this classic candy can be found in town.

At the Goo Goo Chocolate Company, you can get different parties or go to their dessert bar with a variety of fudge, ice cream, and other treats. I made a classic with a twist – premium vanilla ice cream and chopped peanut butter topped with a goo goo cluster. It was heaven.

To dive deeper into the world of chocolate, consider their chocolate bar making class or a class that pairs chocolate with wine and spirits.

Once home to wealthy Nashville families and the largest horse farm in the United States, Bellmead Plantation hosted countless celebrities, presidents and dignitaries in its day.

Things To Do In Nashville

A tour of Belle Mead today gives a glimpse into the life of the wealthy class during and after the Civil War. Visitors can walk the grounds to see the original buildings, tour the mansion, and learn about the lives of the slaves who made the family rich. It’s a fun and educational experience to get a glimpse of the Old South in one of Nashville’s best neighborhoods.

Nashville is blessed with plenty of rooftop bars with great views and great atmosphere. From pool decks and live music to relaxing on swings and private cabanas, these are great places to relax and enjoy your favorite drink.

On Broadway, see Ole Red is our go-to place. It’s a little cleaner than other places and has a much better view of the action. Our top pick in the gulch is a rooftop lounge where you can relax

Things To Do Near Broadway Nashville Tn

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