Fun Things To Do In Philadelphia Today

Fun Things To Do In Philadelphia Today

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Philadelphia is somewhat overlooked by our famous neighbors, New York City to the north and Washington, D.C. to the south.

Fun Things To Do In Philadelphia Today

In Philadelphia, our adopted city of nearly 20 years, there are many wonderful things to do, and in addition to the places where the founding fathers walked, there is also a lot of modern culture. You’ll find beautiful parks, unique museums, amazing food and drink, and tons of great events and activities that will keep you coming back to Philly again and again.

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Whether you’re visiting for the first time or for the fifth time, here are some of our favorite shows.

Spruce Street Port Park is one of our favorite spots in Philadelphia. With a beautiful mall, floating garden and plenty of dining options, it’s the perfect place to spend a few hours and enjoy a beautiful day.

Spruce Street Harbor Park at Penn’s Landing is a picturesque network of boats, nets and floating gardens suspended over the Delaware River. Bad water, but it helps to clean the water in the water. . Throw in some tacos, ice cream, and other treats from restaurants and bars, and you’ve got yourself a good deal.

The seasonal park offers beautiful views of the beach and is fun during the day, especially at night when it’s brightly lit. If you’re in town from mid-May to the end of September, don’t miss out on Philadelphia’s attractions.

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Elfret street is one of the most beautiful places in the city. As America’s oldest residential street, there’s a lot of history here, but we love it for its decor and shiny doors.

Building 32, located along today’s Elfreth Street, was built between 1728 and 1836. The current museum building dates from the colonial period between 124-126 AD and tells the story. The history of the street and the merchants who once called it home. Many historic attractions are only a few kilometers away, so don’t miss Elfreth’s Alley during your stay in Old Town.

The city is full of unexpected surprises, one of the biggest being the Shofuso Japanese House and Garden. The building is just a few minutes from the city center and the peaceful square is over a mile from Fair Park.

Fun Things To Do In Philadelphia Today

Shofuso was gifted from Japan to American citizens in 1953 as a symbol of peace after World War II. Made using traditional Japanese techniques, it was first exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan, and then moved here in 1958.

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Shofuso Japanese House and Garden features a traditional Japanese house designed in a 17th-century temple hotel and a tranquil garden filled with a koi pond and 75-year-old cherry tree. Visitors can walk through the building (barefoot), learn about his art and work, and linger in the beautiful garden, one of the best things to do in Philadelphia.

The bar is my happy place and luckily Lance is on hand to cheer me up. Fortunately, there is a large selection of wine and beer to choose from.

We love partying on the rooftop of the Logan Hotel, which overlooks Logan Circle and the mainland and has year-round indoor and outdoor patios. Potitano Beach in Old Town is also a great place for a night out, and South Philly’s Bock Bar has a great atmosphere.

Franklin Fountain is one of the best places to go for ice cream. It is so popular that the range of classic flavors and delicious ice creams is packed during the summer holidays.

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Franklin Fountain’s handcrafted ice cream comes in 25 flavors, including vanilla bean, peanut butter, and my favorite, Franklin Mint Chip. Some flavors change seasonally, and almost everything has a historical or regional flavor, such as their apple ice cream, which features local apples and apples from a Pennsylvania brewery. It was founded in 1892. In addition to ice cream, you can also find homemade soft drinks and eggs. . Cream and milk powder.

As fans of street art, the highlight of the Philadelphia scene is discovering new art in the city. Murals, the nation’s largest public art program, regularly displays new works in Philadelphia and in the city’s public spaces.

The murals started as a protest movement and decorated various parts of the city for decades. During its 35-year history, the program has been responsible for more than 3,000 murals, with 60-100 pieces of public art per year. This means that no matter which area you visit, you can see the works of the mural artists (you can see our contribution in German Park).

Fun Things To Do In Philadelphia Today

If you want to dig deeper into the city’s street art culture, a walking tour is one of the best things to do while visiting Philadelphia. The Mural program offers regular tours, bike tours, train and bus tours in different areas and on different topics.

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World Cafe Live is our favorite music venue. The spacious lecture hall, the large concert hall and the bar/restaurant are linked together, accommodating both national and emerging events. The World Cafe is also home to radio station WXPN and the national radio show “The Cafe.”

In addition to the program, open bike nights, trivia games and other special events await visitors. Even without the music, the Upper Level is a great place to grab a bite to eat or drink near the University of Pennsylvania and the 30th Street Station.

One of Philadelphia’s tourist attractions is also a local favorite. The Reading Terminal Market has been one of the city’s premier markets for over 100 years and is the oldest operating market in the United States.

Opened in 1893, Reading Terminal Market has more than 100 vendors on the ground and basement levels of the original Reading Terminal train station. It is now part of the Pennsylvania Convention Center and welcomes visitors daily.

Best Things To Do In Philadelphia — What To Do In Philadelphia?

You’ll find fresh produce, artisan cheeses, baked goods, Pennsylvania Dutch specialties, and floral and beauty supplies. Our favorite stop is Bassetts Ice Cream, America’s oldest ice cream company and the first to lease a store—you can’t go wrong with any flavor.

Love Park is one of the most beautiful places in Philadelphia. It’s known as one of the most iconic landmarks in the City of Love, and no one will say its working name is John F. Kennedy Plaza.

Love Park, located a few steps from the city hall, got its name from Robert Indiana’s statue of Red Love, which has been standing there since 1976. Thanks for the article, this is a popular place to plan and even get married on occasion. But most days, the park is a quick photo spot for tourists and a place for locals to escape the office during the day.

Fun Things To Do In Philadelphia Today

Most days of the week, the park offers a small food truck for lunch. There are many flying fountains, green areas and walking paths. There are various markets, flea markets and special events throughout the year.

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The art industry has seen growth in the region over the past few years. That said, there are plenty of resorts where you can learn how to surf directly from the surfers, or pop in for a drink to appreciate the fruits of their labor.

We enjoy Philadelphia Winery in Fishton where you can try products you won’t find anywhere else and see where they are made. New Liberty Distillery near Olde Kensington is also a fun place to sample a variety of whiskeys and fine wines. The Outdoor Bluebird Detachment and Manatawny continue to operate tasting rooms in town.

Cleveden House, located in the Germanton area, is an interesting place less visited by tourists. It began as the city home of the Fly family in 1760, and a decade later became famous as the site of the Battle of Hermannton, the only battle of the American Revolution fought in Philadelphia.

The building, renovated after the war, is an exhibition about the seven generations of the tea family living there. Every year on the first Saturday in October, the house hosts military performances and market participants.

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For first-time visitors, a visit to Independence Hall is one of the top things to do in Philadelphia. I am a little ashamed that I spent many years here before seeing this precious building in its 1776 appearance.

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