Fun Places To Visit In Portland Oregon

Fun Places To Visit In Portland Oregon

Fun Places To Visit In Portland Oregon – Portland, Oregon is one of America’s most independent cities. With international cuisine, plenty of local shopping and great scenery, it’s surprising how many people haven’t visited this eclectic city.

I was here for the first time in 2011 on Thanksgiving. While in Spain I made friends who lived in Portland and visited them on my way to Asia. What started as a “like” on my first trip turned into love on my second trip.

Fun Places To Visit In Portland Oregon

Since then I have visited the city almost every year. Portland is on my short list of cities to live in (and the nearby Oregon coast is amazing!).

Of The Best Unique Places To Visit In Oregon

I love the high quality of life in Portland. It’s compact and easy to get to, with good public transport, friendly locals, eco-friendly and most importantly, the food and beer here.

Although the protests in the city in 2020 and 2021 had a bad name, most of it was blown up by the media. While Portland isn’t bad (and no other city is), it’s not as “troublesome” as some people make you out to be. In a city with a population of 600,000, it does not heat up the earth, and the problems are limited to a small area of ​​the city center. Don’t let the media scare you away from visiting this amazing city.

To help you make the most of your visit, here are 14 of my favorite things to see and do in Portland:

I always start my visit to a new city with a walking tour. This is the best way to learn more about your trip, get to know the country, see the main sights and have all your questions answered by an experienced local guide.

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Around Portland Tours offers a dozen different tours around the city, focusing on food, top attractions and nearby places to visit around Portland. Trips take 2-4 hours and start at around $29. They are a great way to start your visit. They also offer car tours!

You can find niche tours if you want something different, like an underground tour, a ghost tour, or a donut tour!

Built in 1914, this is a beautiful French Renaissance style building on the west side of town. Owned by a wealthy couple from England, the 46-room house is part of the National Register of Historic Places and contains beautiful artwork and furniture collected by the previous owners. You can explore the grounds (covering more than 40 acres) and buildings on your own or take a guided tour (prices are the same; however, guided tours are arranged when available) volunteers).

Fun Places To Visit In Portland Oregon

3229 NW Pittock Dr, +1 503-823-3623, Open daily, from 10 am to 5 pm. (Winter at 4:00 p.m., Tuesdays at noon of the year). Admission is $14.50.

Free Things To Do In Portland, Oregon: Outdoor Fun & Indoor Attractions

Located on the northwest side of the city, Forest Park is one of the largest urban parks in the country. It covers 5,000 acres with more than 70 miles of hiking and biking trails. About 100 species of birds live here, as well as 62 species of mammals. There’s also the Witch’s Castle, an abandoned stone building overgrown with moss. (Nothing to do with witches. For students who used the internet for secret parties in the 1980s.)

Some trails worth checking out include the Wildwood Loop Trail (easy, 2 hours), Forest Park Ridge Trail (easy, 1.5 hours), and Dogwood Wild Cherry Loop (easy, 1.5 hours).

It is the largest independent and used bookstore in the world, with over a million books. Founded in 1971, the store occupies an entire city block and has 3,500 different offices. More than 3000 new and used books are sold every day, so if you are a book lover like me, you can spend a lot of time here!

Portland is famous for its donuts. If you Google the city or look it up on social media, donuts will inevitably come up (also an underground tour). Voodoo Donut put the city on the map with different and delicious combinations like Cap’n Crunch or Maple Bacon. They also make donuts filled with phallic cream, so you can see why it’s a hit in town.

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Some locals might argue that Voodoo caters to tourists, choosing donuts from rival donut shop Blue Star. You can’t go wrong with either. There are two locations in the city, so try them out and see for yourself. After all, you only have one life!

With more than 10,000 rose trees and 610 varieties, this garden is where many companies test new rose varieties (some have been tested here for years before being sold). It is the oldest experimental rose garden in the country. During World War I, roses were sent from all over the world for inspection and preservation. They have an annual competition for the best rose in town. Roses bloom from April to October, but there is also a museum that hosts various events such as concerts and classical music performances. Don’t forget Shakespeare’s garden, which contains only the kinds of roses mentioned in Shakespeare’s plays.

Located near the Rose Test Garden, these Japanese gardens were created in the 1960s as a symbol of peace between the enemies of World War II. Today it is considered the best Japanese garden outside of Japan. The 12-hectare site includes traditional gazebos, waterfalls, pools, Zen sand gardens and numerous hiking trails. It’s very relaxing, peaceful and beautiful all year round, although it’s especially spectacular in the fall when the leaves change. The city doesn’t have a budget, so it’s not easy, but if you want to escape the city for a while, it’s worth every penny.

Fun Places To Visit In Portland Oregon

611 SW Kingston Ave, +1 503-223-1321, Open daily from 10:00 a.m. Admission is $19.95

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If you’re looking for something different and different on your trip, check out the Peculiarium. This awesome store is filled with a variety of figurines and memorabilia, toys, unknown objects in containers, and a giant Bigfoot statue. There are a number of separate physical units (of course) and they serve freshly baked cookies.

2234 Northwest Thurman Street, +1 503-227-3164, Open Friday-Tuesday, 11am-6pm. Admission is $10 ($7 on Tuesdays). Not suitable for children.

If you’re a foodie like me, you can’t visit Portland without experiencing food. You can taste the best food of the city, learn about its culture and history and meet other food travelers like you. It’s a great way to enjoy the culinary landscape before you head out to eat around town on your own.

Forktown offers a variety of food tours that cater to the different cuisines and locations of the city. This will give you a solid overview of the delicious food that Stumptown cooks up. Tours last three hours and cost $115 per person.

Best Things To Do In Portland

Lost Plate also offers special food tours, including one that focuses on donuts and one that focuses on food trucks. Their tours start at $59.

Portland has plenty of green spaces to relax and enjoy. Laurelhurst Park was designed by the same company that designed Central Park in New York. It has a relaxing atmosphere and is popular with locals and visitors alike. There is also a dog pool, bike paths and an area for dogs.

Washington Park is another great option if you want to relax with a book and enjoy the atmosphere. The park includes memorials to the Korean and Vietnam wars, the Holocaust and the Lewis and Clark expedition, as well as spectacular views of Portland and Mount Hood.

Fun Places To Visit In Portland Oregon

One of the highlights of the Portland food scene are the food trucks. Food trucks are a big part of the local culture, and you can find them in almost any food and at any price. There are more than 500 food trucks in the city, grouped together in small squares so you can try a few different things without going far.

Best Natural Sights Around Portland

You can find lots of delicious food on SW Fifth Ave and food carts (full of food trucks) at Cartopia, Third Avenue and Hawthorne Asylum. Some of my favorites are Burger Stevens and Desi PDX. There’s also plenty of delicious food if you want to try the best Portland has to offer.

It is the oldest art gallery in the Pacific Northwest, having opened in 1892. It is one of the oldest art galleries in the country (the seventh oldest). There are over 42,000 items, from contemporary art to Native American art to Asian art and everything in between. There are permanent exhibitions, film studios and an outdoor art park. There’s a lot of variety here, so be sure to check out the site to see what’s on during your visit.

It’s Portland

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