Clothes To Pack For Alaska Cruise In June

Clothes To Pack For Alaska Cruise In June

Clothes To Pack For Alaska Cruise In June – This post may contain paid links. See my disclaimer for more info.

Wondering what to pack for an Alaska cruise? You are not alone! Coming up with an Alaska cruise packing list is one of the most common requests I get from readers going on cruises. Why? Packing for an Alaskan cruise is difficult because of the changing climate, the range of activities on offer, and the different dress codes for evening events. You should think about dressing for hot days, cold weather, day walks and formal evening dinners. Not easy! But I did extensive research on packing for an Alaskan cruise and came up with the ideal list of what to bring on an Alaskan cruise.

Clothes To Pack For Alaska Cruise In June

Daytime temperatures in Alaska between May and September range from 55-65˚F (12-18˚C), but can warm up to 80˚F (27˚C) on hot days. Evening temperatures are usually between 40-50˚F (4-10˚C), which can be quite chilly on deck, but inside the ship, cabins and dining areas will be warm. The range of temperatures and variety of excursions can make it difficult to decide what to pack for an Alaskan cruise.

The Best Alaska Cruise Packing List & My Alaska Cruise Outfits!

When planning what to wear on an Alaskan cruise, there are three different styles of clothing you should wear – excursion wear, casual onboard wear, and formal evening wear. This list will help you decide what to bring on your Alaska cruise so you’ll be comfortable, warm, and stylish throughout your trip, whether you’re sightseeing, sitting on deck watching wildlife or enjoying an evening meal with friends. What to pack for an Alaska cruise is one of the most important questions, so you need to get it right.

I based my Alaska cruise outfit on what I would personally wear as a woman in my 30s. I try to be stylish but also functional in my travels. You can certainly customize your Alaskan cruise outfit based on your personal style or what you think is most appropriate for your age and scene.

At the end of this post, you’ll find a printable list of what to pack for an Alaska cruise that you can use to help you pack and organize before your trip. I’ve also included a packing list for men’s clothing for an Alaskan cruise.

Most 7-day cruises will have two formal lunch evenings. How long you wear it is entirely your choice! A chic cocktail dress is always a winner. During a casual dining evening, you should change your walking clothes to at least a dress shirt and jeans.

How To Pack For An Alaskan Cruise

The Alaska cruise outfits above are definitely for women, but with a few minor tweaks this list could work for me.

We’ve covered your Alaskan cruise outfit, but here are some tips on how to pack for an Alaskan cruise to help you on your journey!

Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Set Cubes Packing XS/S/M – Durable, Ultralight, Waterproof Ripstop Canvas Organizer Bags for Suitcases and Gear, White/Strobe

Clothes To Pack For Alaska Cruise In June

I’ve put my entire Alaska cruise packing list into a simple checklist format to make it easier for you. You can download my Alaska cruise packing list here. This Alaska packing list will help you organize yourself and your family before you go on a cruise.

Alaska Cruise Travel Diary + Packing Tips

Thanks for reading my post on what to pack for an Alaska cruise! I hope it helps you when packing for future Alaska cruises. If you think I left something off the list, let me know what to bring on an Alaska cruise. Or if you have an Alaskan cruise outfit that worked really well on your trip, I’d love to hear about it. Your Alaskan cruise clothing should match your personal style and taste, so feel free to adapt and modify the list I’ve provided for what to bring on an Alaskan cruise to suit your needs.

I’ve also put together some other cruise packing posts that you might be interested in:

If you want to ask a specific question, chat with other travelers about what to pack for your cruise, or share your own cruise packing tip, join our Cruise Packing Tips Facebook group! We’d love to hear your thoughts on the gear you use on your cruise or your ideas to help you figure out exactly what to pack. Join us for a fun and friendly discussion. Alaska was never on my radar in July, but alas, here we are! Drew’s family is taking a cruise to Alaska from Canada to celebrate his grandparents’ birthday. It will be a total of 10 days and the weather is confusing, but I hear the views are absolutely insane and I got a pair of cute blue rain boots for a bargain 😉 While this list barely covers all the extras, I will slip through the cracks in my suitcase last minute “But what if I need-” effort, here’s my go-to for “neutral” and “hiker-chic” for our Alaskan adventures!

1. J.Crew Double Breasted Raincoat: MEASURED!!!. Oh my God. J.Crew can do no wrong. It was found in pistachios and was fantastic.

Alaska Cruise Tips: Everything You Need To Know

2. Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag: I carry my belt bag to carry my pump and use on hikes (I’ve heard rumors about ATVs!?!?) Read more about how I use this bag for my pump here!

3. Patagonia Camping Bear Hat: How embarrassed should I be to wear a little boy hat? I loved the cute camping bear and thought it was quite subtle! Linked here!

4. Ralph Lauren RLX Sherpa: Everyday Sweater from October to March!!! This beautiful Sherpa RLX literally looks so luxurious!

Clothes To Pack For Alaska Cruise In June

5. Lululemon Navy Aline Leggings: She’s not always (or often) a leggings girl, but she’ll be packing my Lulu Navy Aline Leggings because they match the vibe!

What To Wear On An Alaska Cruise: An Alaska Cruise Packing List

6. J.Crew Oatmeal Button Off Shoulder Sweater: This off the shoulder button sweater is a fall staple that I wear almost every day.

7. Flannel Dress: If I have to dress up for a hike, I’ll do it in a dress! I love this flannel dress.

8. Oversized Claw Buckles: These claw buckles are super trendy right now, but they couldn’t fit the hiking boot vibe better if they tried!

9. J.Crew Light Wash Boyfriend Jeans: Cute light wash jeans! This hugs the hips and then relaxes from the knees down. Great with ankle boots.

What To Wear For Dinner On An Alaska Cruise

10. L.L. Wool Socks: Everything you read about Alaska is about rain and how miserable you’ll be with wet, cold feet! I’m sure I’ll be wearing these wool socks under my cute blue rain boots all week.

11. Blue Oxford Boyfriend Button Down: Mixing preppy New England pieces with mountain chic and I love this button down with a scarf around the neck and a hat! Very nice!

12. Chunky Chelsea Jacket: Now that I’ve mentioned them 4 times, it’s time to put together these perfect baby blue jackets. $28 I can’t believe it! Even seasoned travelers find themselves asking, “What should I pack?” before their first trip to Alaska. Because if you just follow your usual cruise packing list, you’ll see something like this:

Clothes To Pack For Alaska Cruise In June

I mean, you should pack a bathing suit for the heated pool and hot tub, but you won’t spend much time showing off your waxing and tanning. Instead, you’ll see more people relaxing on the deck:

What To Pack For Your Alaska Cruise

Maybe I love hiking in Alaska because I get first degree burns at the thought of going under a full shade tree and because I waxed my first (and last) bikini five years ago. Sailing to Bermuda. I am still in therapy and apply the ointment at night.

Anyway, I’m lucky enough to take Alaska cruises often (I live in downtown Seattle within walking distance of the cruise ports, so I shop around and take multiple cruises each season) and after some trial and error, . Looks like I finally packed for the Alaskan cruise.

In Alaska. This means you don’t have to take the usual cruise essentials like prescription drugs and poop as a pass to leave them at home!

Let’s start with clothes, since they don’t allow you to board without clothes, and then we’ll move on to the other things you need to avoid being attacked by bears.

Packing List Tips For A Cruise To Alaska (inside Passage)

I’ve included a few specific styles and brands that I love and recommend (links below), but any similar items you already own or love will certainly work just as well. It would be fun if we all showed up on the ship in the same clothes. Or uncomfortable? No, fun – let’s do it!

1- Waterproof raincoat. Ketchikan receives an average of 234 days of rain per year. Expect rain, and if it doesn’t, go to the casino that night (luck is on your side, my friend!).

3- Wool hiking socks. I remember my feet being extremely cold on my honeymoon cruise (my first trip to Alaska). Don’t worry, I was already happily married. I just forgot the warm socks.

Clothes To Pack For Alaska Cruise In June

4- Fleece for layering. Temperatures in Alaska can vary significantly, with extreme mornings and evenings

Alaska Summer Packing List Items For 2024 (printable Checklist)

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