Best Places To Visit In The Fall East Coast

Best Places To Visit In The Fall East Coast

Best Places To Visit In The Fall East Coast – Find your favorite spots as you explore these unique spots to explore the greenery of the Great Lakes Bay Area in Pure Michigan!

Marvel at the stunning colors as you stroll through Dow Gardens in the fall. With meandering streams, winding roads and architectural bridges, you’ll want to slow down and enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of autumn. Enjoy a bird’s eye view of fall beauty from the nation’s longest boardwalk, spanning 54 acres of beautiful grounds. Pack some fun blankets and accessories and put them on the lawn for a fall picnic.

Best Places To Visit In The Fall East Coast

Looking for a Johnny Panther Adventure Tour: Enjoy breathtaking views of the Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge with an expert who has been sailing these waters his entire life! Join Johnny Panther Quests on an exciting hike where you can immerse yourself in the fall colors as you watch deer drink from streams, bald eagles dive and catch fish, and herons for fun. Enjoy your shallow-water boat trip through what this local guide calls “Michigan’s Everglades.”

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Frankenmuth Aerial Park: Take your colorful adventure to new heights to swing and climb the trees at Frankenmuth Aerial Park with six unique ropes! Then there’s nothing like it through the greenery, stopping for a while on each platform to see the bright colors around you and feel the excitement as you jump through the trees! Check out the fan-favorite FrankenZip course, which features seven long ziplines at different heights. Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge: Find bright colors and abundant wildlife sightings at Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge is one of the largest and most productive wetlands in the state and is home to migratory birds, fish, turtles and other wildlife. Enjoy the abundant fall foliage along Woodland Road and Ferguson Bayou and keep an eye out for bald eagles and other migratory birds, and be especially aware of park closures during hunting season.

Bavarian Riverboat Bill: Enjoy a leisurely float along the tree-lined Kaas River in Frankenmuth on the famous Bavarian Riverboat. Buy your ticket to see the stunning autumn colors on the water and learn about the history and architecture of Little Bavaria. Enjoy a narrated tour of up to 1 hour or less, depending on your preferences (and the weather) on this 150-passenger ship.

Enter the Chippewa Nature Center’s botanical garden, featuring over 100 species of Michigan trees and shrubs, all in fall color! With 30 kilometers of colorful, leaf-covered trails through forests and wetlands, CNC is a must-see in the fall. Consider going to the boat launch for a new view or climbing the two-story observation tower to see the marsh!

Frankenmuth FunShips: Take a unique cruise along the Cass River with Frankenmuth FunShips. Relax on a 12-passenger electric cruise ship on a 30-minute or one-hour river cruise and explore the colors of Frankenmuth and the surrounding countryside. Or experience the colors and flavors of fall on a Wine and Chocolate River Tour! On the water, sip five wines, each expertly blended with hand-crafted chocolate, and enjoy a souvenir glass! Bay City Boat Lines: Take off

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Experience the falls in all their glory along the Saginaw River with Bay City Boat Lines. Watch the colors change from green to gold along the shoreline and everything in between as you cruise (and dance in the yard)! You can cruise in the fall with cruises on the Saginaw River, Carefree Cruisin dining cruises, and even Rock the Boat cruises!

There are many places in the Great Lakes where you can see colors falling from the water, that’s right. So will you be seeing her on the beautiful Appledore Tall boat? This is an experience you can only find at BaySail! Get tickets for a colorful river cruise this October and enjoy the view along the Saginaw River on a cold day!

Bay City State Park: Light a fire and relax at Bay City State Park in the fall. Watch deer and wildlife play under colorful canopies, or take a kayak or paddleboard for a different view of the Saginaw Bay waterfalls on Lake Huron. Watch the waves crash on the shore, relax on a cozy blanket and take in the unforgettable views around you. Tobiko Marsh: Green seen above! Take to the skies to the two-story observation towers at Bay City State Park’s Tobiko Marsh Camp, each overlooking 2,000 acres of wetlands, cattail fescue, and oak savanna filled with the colors of autumn! Watch for wildlife amidst the golden brown cattails and marsh plants as you stroll along the trail. Midland Urban Forest: A dual trail system means double the chance for spectacular fall colors in the 520-acre Midland Urban Forest! Bring your mountain bike or hiking boots to the Midland’s largest public park and join bikers, runners, walkers, horse riders and all who enjoy fresh air and look at the beautiful leaves! Stop by Ray’s Bike Shop in City Forest to try Specialized, Salsa, Surly, Trek, Cumba and Electra bikes on the road.

Best Places To Visit In The Fall East Coast

Dahlia Hill: Fall colors have never been better! Stroll along the beautiful beaches and encounter the blooming flowers of Dahlia Hill. Experience a kaleidoscope of over 300 unique dahlia varieties from over 3,000 tubers! After admiring the splendor of the blossoms of this beautiful place, stop at the art museum at the top of Dahlia Hill to see original designs made of paper and bronze.

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You can see the view of the falls from the Bavarian Inn Holz Brücke, a 239 meter long, 230 ton, covered bridge made entirely of wood. The beautiful two-dimensional craftsmanship and the world of autumn beauty are amazing! You can walk or drive over the Holz Brücke and enjoy the bright colors around the beautiful Cass River.

Tridge: Look for fall colors and Midland’s Tridge, a three-foot pedestrian bridge spanning the confluence of the Tittabawassee and Chippewa Rivers. Walk the 50-metre boardwalk that connects the entertainment districts to the heart of Midland, or relax by the Tridge, take in the view and enjoy a leisurely walk along the river. Tridge is a famous place in the area and a place not to be missed on a leaf tour! Grandpa Tiny’s Heritage Farm: Go and find your way back to Grandpa Tiny’s Heritage Farm; Here are towering corn stalks arranged in a custom made corn beer to impress even the pickiest! Sip cider and enjoy delicious cookies during the harvest. Pick a pumpkin in the field, raise and feed farm animals, and enjoy rural heritage in the heart of Frankenmuth.

Fantasy Carriage Company: Step inside, wrap yourself in a cozy blanket, and let the horseshoes guide you through the leafy streets with Fantasy Carriage Company. Take an unforgettable trip through Little Bavaria and enjoy the colors of Frankenmuth as you take in the history and traditions of the fall landscape. Frankenmuth Carriage Company: Enjoy a relaxing 20- or 30-minute drive through beautiful downtown Frankenmuth with Frankenmuth Carriage Company. Enjoy tree-lined streets with seasonal decorations and vibrant neighborhoods with the sights and sounds of fall!

Take your colorful adventure to a whole new level of serenity by paddling through the beautiful fall scenery. Join the Chippewa Nature Center for a kayak tour on the Pine River or swim under the Bavarian Inn Holz Brücke (wooden bridge) with Frankenmuth Kayak Adventures. To find your way around the amazing fall scene, call local vendors Ike’s Mobile Kayak Rentals, Nor’East Outdoors and Cattail Kayak Rental.

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You can walk, hike, bike or hike the Great Lakes Bay Regional Trail! Hear the rustling of branches and colorful leaves falling from the beautiful forests and wetlands, spanning over 100 miles with many paths and trails connecting views of the city center to the vast countryside! Or you can see more than 200 species of beautiful birds on the Saginaw Bay Birding Trail, a sprawling 142-mile stretch of fall shoreline that can’t be described as just a bird sanctuary.

Sip on daily mulled cider and tuck into warm, freshly baked cookies at family-owned Leaman’s Green Applebarn. Click through the fall scene to pick your own apples or go on a hayride, then grab a refreshing apple cider slushie and baked goods and toast for dinner! Or enjoy the flavors and cuisine of the season in Bayne’s beautiful Apple Valley backyard with beautiful fall colors all around!

Fresh pumpkin pies, cider, and good cookies; A visit to places like Johnson’s Pumpkin Farm or Grandma’s Pumpkin Patch is a seasonal must! Take pictures in the pumpkin fields, choose your perfect jack o’lantern and pet, find your way through the corn maze, and don’t forget the applesauce and extra donuts along the way!

Best Places To Visit In The Fall East Coast

Go on long walks and colorful boat trips, visit apple orchards and drink cider, take a car ride through lush green streets and zipline through the trees! Put on your hiking boots, bring a light jacket, and get ready for the must-try hikes in Pure Michigan’s Great Lakes Bay Area!

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Find yourself tasting apple orchards, hiking and enjoying pumpkin pie and corn beer

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