Best Place To Stay In Cape Cod For Couples

Best Place To Stay In Cape Cod For Couples

Best Place To Stay In Cape Cod For Couples – If you’re planning a trip to the Cape and wondering what are the best towns to stay on Cape Cod, you’ve come to the right place! I have been traveling in this area for over 10 years and really know the best cities to recommend to travelers based on their preferences and plans.

Cape Cod is home to 15 different towns, some of which have their own villages. While many of them are similar, some have a unique atmosphere or are perfectly located, making each city ideal for different types of travelers. In this post, I’ll give you a general guide to Cape Town and share my recommendations on where to stay in Cape Cod, depending on the type of trip you want.

Best Place To Stay In Cape Cod For Couples

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Best Cape Cod Hotels, From Falmouth To Provincetown

First, I should say that Cape Cod is not a bad city to live in. While some towns are more ideal than others for various reasons, all Cape Cod towns offer a great vacation. However, most people stick to certain areas on their Cape holiday because of the access to beaches and charming town centres.

The best thing to ask to help you decide is what kind of vacation do you want to take? Easiest access to the best beaches? Night life? A good mix of everything (shopping, dining, beaches, sightseeing)? A family friendly city? This is the easiest way to help you decide.

One thing that is important to know is that Cape Cod towns are organized by region and it can be a bit confusing. We have prepared a map for you so that you can visualize where each city is located and which region it belongs to.

Pro tip: If you’re trying to decide where to live based on the beaches, there are three bodies of water around Cape Cod:

Cape Cod Travel Guide: Vacation + Trip Ideas

The Atlantic Ocean, which is known for its cooler water and often has bigger waves and longer stretches of sand. The beaches of Cape Cod National Seashore are located along the Atlantic Ocean. Race Point and Herring Cove offer beautiful sunsets.

Cape Cod Bay with warmer, calmer waters and truly stunning sunsets. Also known for extreme low tide.

They are all ocean beaches, but it’s just a matter of what type of water you like. I like to visit these three for different reasons during my stay.

Best Place To Stay In Cape Cod For Couples

Bourne: one of the easiest to get to and closest to the mainland. Bourne is a nice town to live in, but it’s one of the less popular because it’s so far from the rest of Cape Cod and the local beaches aren’t that impressive. You probably won’t find a strong “Cape Cod” vibe in Bourne, but if you’re looking for convenience within a short drive, it can’t be beat. However, I recommend going further to Cap.

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Hyannis & Mashpee: These two cities are the most commercial and residential areas. Hyannis, made famous by the Kennedy family, is a nice town to explore, but I don’t usually recommend staying here. Here you will find a shopping mall, a ferry terminal and a center with shops and restaurants. Hyannis has some good restaurants, but it doesn’t feel as Cape Cod-y as other cities.

Mashpee is a very residential area and will probably feel more like the town you live in. You will find another shopping area with chain stores and restaurants. It’s also a nice city to visit if you want to do some shopping, but it’s not the best place to stay on vacation. However, Mashpee has beautiful beaches.

Falmouth: I really like Falmouth and personally recommend it for a short stay, but not if you’re visiting for more than a weekend. Falmouth is a great Cape Cod destination for a few days, but since it’s so far from the rest of Cape Cod, it’s not necessarily ideal for a longer stay, as you’ll probably want to explore the rest of Cape Cod yourself. I will have enough. But it’s great for a weekend visit. This is just my opinion – I know people who like to stay in Falmouth for a week or more at a time.

Falmouth has a very nice center and high street with great shops and restaurants, great beaches and lots of things to do. It’s also a nice place to stay if you’re looking for easy ferry access to Martha’s Vineyard.

Best Things To Do On Cape Cod In Spring: March, April, May

Sandwiches: I love sandwiches! It falls into a similar category to Falmouth in that it is simply far from the rest of the Cape. But it still has some great beaches (I personally prefer Falmouth’s), a nice boardwalk above the salt flats, lots of history as it’s the oldest town on the Cape, and some really nice shops and restaurants.

It has a small center but things are more spread out. If you want to explore the Homeland and the Outer Cape, you’ll be doing a lot of driving. For a longer stay, I recommend visiting Sandwich for a day.

Barnstable: Barnstable includes several other towns, including Hyannis, which I’ve already talked about, but I wanted to mention them separately because I’m often asked if Hyannis is a good place to live. Other popular Barnstable towns include Osterville and Centerville. These are all more relaxed towns with beautiful beaches and a relaxed feel. Osterville and Centerville aren’t usually towns I recommend staying in simply because they’re also a bit further from the rest of the Cape.

Best Place To Stay In Cape Cod For Couples

There are some nice beaches in these areas (including Craigville beach which is very popular) but I still think it’s worth going further up the Cape.

Best Towns To Stay In On Cape Cod For Every Type Of Traveler (2024)

Yarmouth and Dennis: Dennis and Yarmouth tend to be some of the more affordable towns that are centrally located. I actually often stay in Dennis for my week long stays because I find the rental rates to be the most competitive. Dennis and Yarmouth have very nice beaches on both the bay and Nantucket Sound, lots of great restaurants and shops to explore. The outer Cape towns and beaches are a bit of a drive, but still accessible, especially compared to the uptown towns of Cape Town.

Brewster: Brewster is located on the shores of Cape Cod Bay and has some truly spectacular sunset beaches. The Brewster Flats are also here, extending for about a mile at low tide. Brewster has some great shops and restaurants, but it’s more spread out and doesn’t feel like a downtown. It also has a very relaxed atmosphere and a great general store. I know a few people who always stay in Brewster and love it.

Harwich: One of my favorite towns is Harwich, especially Harwich Harbor Village. Take the ferry from Harwich Harbor to Nantucket, enjoy the downtown atmosphere of Main Street, and enjoy some great beaches on Nantucket Sound. It’s also very close to Chatham, which many people like, and about 20-30 minutes from the start of Cape Cod National Seashore.

Chatham: Another one of my favorite towns because it has a great main street and shopping center and has a very strong “Cape Cod” feel with lots of character. But because of this, Chatham hotel and vacation rental prices tend to be higher. But if it works within your budget, it’s a great city to live in and it’s about 20-30 minutes to the start of the national seashore. Chatham also has its own very beautiful beaches.

Waterfront Hotel And Restaurant, Cape Cod, Ma

Orleans: Orleans is the closest city you can live in before you get to the National Seashore, so the location is great. Orleans also has beaches on both the Atlantic and Cape Cod bay sides, making it a great option if you want to be close to both bodies of water. Orleans is also more spread out with a very small downtown feel and lots of restaurants. Orleans is home to Nauset Beach, one of my favorites.

Eastham: Eastham is the first town to give you access to the Cape Cod National Seashore, home to some of the best beaches in the entire area. Eastham has no center and is more spread out, so its main attraction is access to the Outer Cape region. Provincetown is only a 30 minute drive away. You’ll see lots of pretty streets here with traditional Cape Cod-style homes, so you’ll still feel like you’re on the Cape.

Wellfleet: A little quieter than Eastham, Wellfleet’s biggest draw is also its access to the Outer Cape, the National Seashore, and great beaches. Wellfleet has a small main street with a few shops and restaurants

Best Place To Stay In Cape Cod For Couples

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