Best Month To See Northern Lights In Norway

Best Month To See Northern Lights In Norway

Best Month To See Northern Lights In Norway – Want to see the Northern Lights in Tromsø, Norway? Read on as I give you the best tips and advice you need to know!

“Viewing the northern lights outdoors is more enjoyable when you’re not freezing; We shouldn’t be Vikings,” our guide said, and Trine’s voice rang softly as we stepped out of the van, expertly driven 150km from Tromsø in Arctic Norway.

Best Month To See Northern Lights In Norway

When I felt the cold coming on, I immediately put on my waterproof ski jacket and decided to borrow another one.

What Is The Best Time To See The Northern Lights In Norway In 2024?

It wasn’t great – I didn’t check much because I didn’t want to miss the lights – but it was an added bonus.

Like Michele’s man, I quickly climbed the steps of the car and walked over to where my team was standing at the front of the car. Some of them had already formed a triangle, with the cameras pointing far into the sky.

This aurora borealis cycle had left Tromsø a few hours earlier and we headed to the border, listening to hoaxes about how the aurora borealis had been discovered.

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Top Tips For Seeing The Northern Lights In Tromso, Norway

Due to its northern location – 220 km north of the Arctic Circle and less light pollution in the area, conditions for observing the northern lights are usually excellent.

This year I went on two winter trips hoping to see the Northern Lights – one to Tromsø in February and the other to Reykjavik in January. While the crisis in Tromsø is often thought of as more than two to see, it was stronger for me in Iceland.

I think it’s just a chance, but even though Tromsø is a great place to see the Northern Lights, it doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed.

Best Month To See Northern Lights In Norway

However, Tromsø remains one of the best places to visit in Norway in winter, and the chance to see the Northern Lights is a big part of that!

Best Time To See Northern Or Polar Lights In Norway 2024

The aurora borealis, or aurora borealis, is natural light produced when the electric solar wind collides with the magnetic field of the Earth’s atmosphere.

The colors of the aurora borealis can vary, but are usually green, pink and purple. The intensity of the screen can range from a soft glow to a bright, bright screen.

Many local tour companies offer aurora borealis tours that include transportation to selected locations and viewing, as well as professional guides who will help you see the aurora borealis and explain the science behind the phenomenon.

Another option is to rent a car and drive outside the city to a viewing area. However, the best place to see them changes every night, so you’ll have to be lucky to see them this way, plus driving conditions in the Arctic can be difficult, so work on that.

The 7 Best Places To See The Northern Lights And Southern Lights

If you want to see them from the city, it’s best to take the cable car in Tromsø, which takes you to the top of Mount Storstein, where you can sometimes see the Northern Lights.

Although you can see the Northern Lights on your own, I recommend taking this tour for the following reasons:

In fact, going on your own has one advantage: it is a cheaper budget option than booking a tour. Unless you are

Best Month To See Northern Lights In Norway

Fortunately, you won’t have the same experience seeing it on your own – and you’ll be traveling with someone who knows the place better.

Northern Lights In Lofoten: How To See The Aurora Borealis

“Can we go to Finland?” We asked the guide when he told us what our best chance was of seeing the beautiful Northern Lights from the border. “Maybe!” He answered. “We have arrived in Finland.”

– Can we go anyway? replied several of us representing the country.

Our friendly driver Trine was also our guide. “Don’t worry,” he told us. “I’m used to such situations, and I’m a woman! Of course I can be a man!”

He left the city and started swimming in the valley. “I’ll calm down a little when I get to this part,” he said. “The valley is difficult – seven avalanches occurred here today!”

One Of The Best Ways To See The Northern Lights? On An Plane

After an hour and a half, we stopped at a gas station and queued for the toilet. I just bought Kvikk Lunsj from Norway, but they sell veggie burgers, hot dogs and fries at affordable prices.

When we got back to the bus, Trine started explaining about the lights. “70% only see a calm, green aurora,” he told us. “Don’t expect to see a rainbow of colors dancing in a dark sky, but if you lower your expectations, you’re in for a real treat.”

As we continued east and away from the coast, we began to see groups of people clinging to the sky around their cars. “There are many hunters in the forest. The price is the same!” Trine told us before slowly stopping on the side of the road. “Let’s see what we can see here!”

Best Month To See Northern Lights In Norway

As I got out of the car, I looked at the coat lying in the back of the car. I was wearing a thermal shirt, sweatpants, a sweatshirt and full ski gear, but standing in the Arctic night didn’t feel like much.

Northern Lights In Norway: The Best Time To Visit

“The wonder of seeing the Northern Lights outside is even more terrifying,” Trine said as people began to leave.

I was in a hurry, I didn’t know how much, but I was ready to get extremely warm, feel like a penguin and walk around the bus.

Looking up, there was a green cloud hanging in the sky. “Let’s see if they do something,” we all stood up.

He set up the camera and we lined up to take photos. The aurora borealis was definitely there, though not very bright, but it was silent the whole time, like a flash in the night sky.

Chasing The Northern Lights In Norway: The Ultimate Guide

“Let’s see if we can come up with something better,” Trine gathered us. “There are no northern lights in the sky, so we’re going to Finland!”

“This is the limit!” When I saw the vision for the European Union, I pointed to my partner Richard. We both let the younger one go – I’m 62 and Bay is 84.

The bus pulled up across the border and I put my clothes back on and carefully got out of the car.

Best Month To See Northern Lights In Norway

“There’s not a lot of aurora activity,” Trine told us. “Let’s make a fire, hot water and food and see what happens.”

Northern Lights In Norway I 3 Day Forecast I Aurora Borealis

We took a few photos with the “Welcome to Finland” sign, drank a cup of hot chocolate and ate a piece of cake. Unfortunately, we didn’t see the lights anymore, but we enjoyed the atmosphere and talked about the Arctic, looking in vain at the sky.

We all slept on the return bus but were sent to the Ton Hotel.

Although we didn’t get to catch the Northern Lights in the best light, we learned a little about the lights and life in the Arctic, saw snowy landscapes (albeit in the dark), and yes, we made it to Finland; so the trip wasn’t wasted!

Some include activities like skiing, while others go to the top of the Northern Lights. You can also leave the port of Tromsø and observe the lights from the boat!

The Best Time To See The Northern Lights In Norway By Baltictraveluk

On this tour you will be guided by an expert, enjoying local stories and scientific information as you search for the lights of the beautiful Arctic north.

By looking at the lights, you can take a great photo – even if you are a first-time photographer – and you will return to Tromsø after an unforgettable night.

This amazing North Troms tour has the added bonus of amazing Northern Lights tour photos.

Best Month To See Northern Lights In Norway

On this intimate, small-group tour led by an experienced guide, you’ll experience the dark nights around Tromsø and see the spectacular natural wonders of the lights.

Autumn In Norway

Follow the hunt as your guide navigates the Arctic climate, increasing your chances of seeing spectacular scenery.

Once you’ve found the right spot, you can capture the Northern Lights on your camera with the help of an experienced guide.

This exclusive tour is limited to 16 guests, allowing your guide to give you individual attention and answer any questions you may have.

Many high-quality photos taken by your guide will be shared with the group after the tour.

Update] Best Time To Visit Iceland And See Northern Lights

While Tromsø is a great place to enjoy the lights, some of the best nighttime activities take place on the water!

The boat leaves at 8 p.m. in search of the Northern Lights. Help yourself to endless hot and cold drinks and put on a warm suit to stay warm.

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Best Month To See Northern Lights In Norway

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