Hiking In Breckenridge Colorado

Hiking In Breckenridge Colorado – In honor of National Trails Day, we’ve compiled a list of must-do hiking trails near Breckenridge. Don’t forget to @tag us on Instagram when you post a hike so we can share more!

Enjoy views of Quandary Peak on this short but challenging hike. This out and back route is rated as challenging due to the level of pathfinding and shuffling skill required. Dogs are allowed on this hike, but we recommend that you only bring dogs that are comfortable with the hike.

Hiking In Breckenridge Colorado

Be sure to get to the trailhead early as parking is limited for this popular hike. Follow the HOV lane to Lower Crystal Lake and then continue to Upper Crystal Lake on the hiking trail. If you do not have a 4WD vehicle, we recommend that you park at the trailhead and hike to Lower Crystal Lake. This route is considered challenging. Dogs are allowed and may be off leash in some areas.

Little Mountain In Breckenridge, Colorado

If you’re looking for solitude near Breckenridge, you won’t meet anyone else on this 4.5-mile out-and-back trail. The trail climbs steadily to the old Breckenridge Mine, but the views are worth the effort. The route is not marked, so we recommend you download a map before you go. Dogs are welcome but must be on a lead.

If you like climbing, Mt Fletcher is for you. Mount Fletcher is a challenging hike with views of the lake and wildflowers in summer that offer great rewards. Dogs are allowed on this hike, but we recommend checking the weather conditions before bringing your dog as this hike does not offer shade. In the warmer months, bring enough water and wear hiking shoes suitable for traversing rocks and jagged rocks.

The less traveled route to Atlantic Peak is considered challenging and is only recommended for true adventurers. This trail requires wayfinding skills and starts with bushwalking to the trailhead. We recommend that you download the map before you go. Some changes are required and climbers must watch their feet as they follow the ridge to the summit. Make sure you don’t stop between two false peaks before reaching the real one.

Known for its scenic views, the Pacific Tarn Trail is a popular hiking trail in Breckenridge. Scrambling down the chutes is considered Class 3 scrambling and helmets are recommended for this part of the climb. Trailhead parking is by reservation only, so be sure to plan ahead – click here for more information. Dogs are allowed on this hike and may be off leash in some areas.

How To Hike Quandary Peak: The Most Epic Hike In Breckenridge

Prospect Hill Trail is a popular hiking and walking trail in Breckenridge. This hike offers stunning views of the surrounding area and is a great hike to keep in your back pocket during leaf peeping season. Most of the elevation change occurs in the first half of the hike. This hike is dog friendly and dogs may be off leash in some areas.

Mount Royal is a fun hike any time of the year. Right on Main Street in Frisco, this hike is easily accessible and very popular. Be prepared for a steep incline as soon as you start climbing and watch your steps on the way down, the loose rocks at the top can be slippery. Dogs are allowed on this hike but must be on a leash. This hike provides shade along the way and when you reach the top you will be rewarded with a beautiful view. If you like a challenge, you can continue to Mount Victoria and Peak One.

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Facebook Share this post on Facebook Twitter Tweet this post on Twitter Email Email link to this post The snow is melting, the rivers are roaring and the waterfalls are flowing! Watch the water trickle down the rocks as you sit back, relax and enjoy the view… what could be better? We’ve rounded up the BEST waterfall hikes in Summit County just for you. Grab a hiking buddy and embark on an incredible adventure this summer!

Fall Hikes Near Breckenridge, Co

Beautiful view of the lake and waterfall at sunset. There is some rocky and mixed terrain along the way, but the views are worth the effort. The route is spectacular; in summer the road blooms with wild flowers!

Heading up Spruce Creek to Lake Mohawk, you’ll find the stunning Centennial Falls along the way. This challenging but fun trail climbs to the end, but the views are worth the effort. It takes about an hour to get to Lower Mohawk Lake and Continental Falls, and another 20-30 minutes to the top. This place can get a bit crowded, so weekdays might be the best option if you want to relax.

This is a relaxing hike for those who don’t want to do anything. The best part? Views are useful too! You will also see some mountain goats walking around, so keep an eye out!

This hike is incredibly beautiful; it’s worth the long journey! This is the perfect place for camping or a mini backpacking trip if you want. The signage is a bit tricky so make sure you do your research before coming here so you know where to go. In addition to the spectacular waterfall, expect lots of wildflowers and even some mountain goats. Fall is many people’s favorite season for many reasons, and today’s article features 8 fall hikes near Breckenridge! For mountain lovers, this means that in a short period of time, just a few weeks, the aspen changes its color from green to bright yellow. The contrast between the green of the cypress, the golden leaves of the aspen and the brown soil creates a truly magical experience. Reserve your Breck vacation rental and plan your trip with our recommendations for hiking in Summit County, Colorado this fall!

Breckenridge Colorado Travel Guide

The first three hikes were in Breckenridge, and then I did a few hikes in nearby areas that were no longer than 30 minutes. Before going hiking, we always recommend that you tell someone where you are going and when you will be back, at least leave a message in the car. A backpack full of essentials and a few extra layers is a good idea as the weather can be sunny and warm one minute and cold and windy the next.

Starting early will help you avoid crowds and traffic jams. If you have any questions about the lines mentioned here, please contact our staff. For a complete map of hiking trails in Breckenridge, click here to view an online version of the interactive topographic map. A printed trail map can be found at the Breckenridge Welcome Center in Blue River Plaza in the Historic District.

1. Aspen Alley – There is more parking available at the Breckenridge Sawmill Museum, located in front of Boreas Pass Road (look for the big wheel on the right and turn). Otherwise, you can park at the Ice Rink and walk up and down. Some will ride their mountain bikes up to the trailhead and down. Be prepared for motorcyclists and pedestrians on this road.

2. Boreas Pass Road – the classic trees are best for walking, but can also be driven. Drive slowly past pedestrians to avoid dust and safely around the hillsides overlooking the town of Breckenridge overlooking the Ten Mile Range. Stop at the Highline Railroad Park to learn more about the route you’ll be traveling.

Proposal At Upper Mowhawk Lake Outside Of Breckenridge, Co

3. French Gulch Trails: B & B, Minnie Mine, Reiling Dredge – Drive through the Country Boy Mine or stop for a visit before or after the tour on various trails that allow for out-and-back or loops like the B & B ride. east before the intersection and up Minnie Mine Road. Choose X10U8 for less climbing, and for more loops look for Side Door and V3 route.

4. Meadow Creek / Lily Pad Lake – A moderate hike with tall aspens found on a dirt road accessed via the roundabout from exit 203 (near Whole Foods). Enter the roundabout and enter the dirt road before exiting west. Drive a little and find a parking lot on the right. Turn right about half a mile uphill and follow the signs to the Lily Pad Lake Trail.

5. Rainbow Lake – An easy hike in Frisco City, known as the “Main Street of the Rockies.” Turn left onto Main Street then left again onto 2nd Ave. Go to South Cabin Green and turn right to park. Look for the Rainbow Lake sign.

6. Tenderfoot Trail – Silverthorne and Dillon areas combined into one,

Ask Me: What Are The Best Hikes In Rocky Mountain National Park And Near Breckenridge, Co?

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